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Aerowolf Limax Invited To Game House Bigetron RA, Why?

Aerowolf invited to Game House Bigetron RA? What for?

Position does determine everything, and talking about the position of one of the Indonesian Teams is lacking in that.

In the ongoing PMGC 2022 Season 0, Indonesia sent its 2 best teams to participate in the big tournament.

One of the world’s leading teams, Bigetron Red Alienare in a safe position where they are currently at the top of the standings.

The other team is Aerowolf Limax which is also a fierce team in PMPL Indonesia and PMPL Sea ago.

Unfortunately the ferocity wasn’t let out in these few weeks at PMGC, seeing as they didn’t make it into 2 Super Weekends in a row.

In Week 1, they managed to get into the Top 16 and maintain their position there, only in Week 2 and Week 3 they did not have that opportunity.

Aerowolf must be in the lowest position among all the teams that have entered the Super Weekend.

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Aerowolf Invited to GH Bigetron RA?

In an interview with Isfan, Manager of Bigetron Red Aliens at Live PUBG Mobile Esports together with the caster, he said he would invite Aerowolf to come to Bigetron’s Game House.

We invite the other Indo representative to GH so we can handle how to deal with when the wind is bad.” Isfan said.

Source: pubgmobile esports id

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Here, Aerowolf will be trained together with Bigetron to be able to deal with the mental stress that they may be currently experiencing.

Previously, Aerowolf players, Hzlnut, already told that their strategy had been countered by the enemy, and the opposing team had begun to adapt.

Ihsan saw that too, and maybe he wanted to show them the right way to do mental uplifts in drastic times like this.

“Kwhen they fall, they don’t know how to bounce back. But when they do this (Aerowolf’s strategy) it doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s bad.” Isfan said.

Wow, with this, it looks like Aerowolf Limax will rise again in the last PMGC Week, and can join BTR in entering the Grand Finals. We must always support, Spinners!

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