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Aerowolf and Bigetron Watch out for Team China at PMGC 2022!

The two Indonesian teams will be wary of the Chinese team at PMGC 2022!

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season 0 is about to start, and it’s only less than 1 week left until its first day.

Team from Indonesia, Bigetron Red Aliens and also Aerowolf Limax was already getting ready to play in the big tournament after resting.

After the PMPL Sea Finals yesterday, the players had time to rest and also practice at the same time to meet new teams from various regions.

For Bigetron Red Aliens, of course, they have experienced this before, competing with regions from the West, which of course have different guts and strategies.

This will be new for our new hero team Aerowolf Limaxwho was the Runner-Up at the PMPL Sea Finals yesterday, and almost won before being followed by BTR RA.

Both teams must have been wary of teams from other countries, and it was a burden for them to become champions.

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The Chinese Team Becomes a Rival for Indonesia at PMGC 2022!

Through the PUBG Mobile Team interview with both teams on Instagram accounts, they provide information about the teams they are most wary of.

And in fact, Aero and Bigetron are both wary of the team from the China Region, namely Nova XQF and 4AMeach of whom had just won a major tournament in their country.

The leader of Bigetron Esports, Zuxxy, said that they are wary of teams from the China Region, because they don’t really know their current gameplay.

Source: pubgmobile esports id

What the teams from China are most concerned about are Nova and 4 Am, because we’ve never met, ever, but we don’t know his current gameplay.” Zuxxy said.

Aero Spaov also said the same thing, he said that teams from the Chinese region need to be careful because just looking at their game, he said.

Source: pubgmobile esports id

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Aero Hzlnuts also added that apart from the China Region, he also had to be wary of teams from Sea as well, because all of them had met in one major tournament.

For me, the teams from the sea also have to be careful, right, because we’ve all met before, it will happen again at PMGC, that’s more or less like that” said Hzlnuts.

So, what do you think? Is it true that the Chinese team really need to be watched out for by the two Indonesian teams?

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