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Advantages of NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Cards Over GTX

NVIDIA GeForce RTX is the latest NVIDIA graphics card successor to the GTX series. This graphics card was first launched on September 20, 2022. What’s new in NVIDIA RTX ? This new graphics card is built with the latest Turing architecture which brings graphics to life. NVIDIA claims that the RTX graphics card has an efficient and effective performance compared to previous graphics cards with the Pascal architecture.

Want to know what are the advantages of the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card? Please see the following discussion:

1. Using Turing Architectural Technology

The Turing architecture technology is the most advanced GPU technology ever created. This technology is suitable for visual spoiling for gamers and content creators. In addition, NVIDIA has also embedded AI and ray tracking technology to make the shadow gradation effect more realistic in games. According to NVIDIA, the development of RTX technology is the largest since developing CUDA technology.

advantages of vga nvidia rtx

According to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, the Turing graphics card can render light effects faster than the DGX supercomputer with 4 Volta graphics cards. The Deep Learning processor integrated into NVIDIA RTX allows game developers to control Ray Tracing effects.

2. Have Ray Tracing Technology

Prior to the development of Ray Tracing technology, the process of rendering light and shadow on graphic objects in games used a rasterization process. This conventional 3D rendering technology uses objects created from a triangular mesh between pixels in the image plane and simulates the effect of their encounters with nearby virtual objects.

advantages of nvidia rtx graphics card

Unlike rasterization, NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing is capable of producing much more realistic images. This is due to the process of simulating the physical behavior of light. Light can bounce from one object to another and can pass through transparent or semi-transparent objects. All these interactions of light produce a final color that makes the image much more realistic.

Ray tracing technology was initially widely used in the animated film industry only. But this time, NVIDIA dared to bring the technology into the gaming industry. The presence of Ray Tracing technology is the key to NVIDIA’s success in dominating the graphics card market for gaming.

3. Graphics Quality NVIDIA GeForce RTX vs GTX

Since its launch in 2022, many game developers have developed games that support RTX. The trend of ray tracing technology will become a new standard in the gaming industry. This technology makes the visual images in the game more dramatic and perfect, just like what is in the real world. Well, for those of you who don’t know what the difference between ray tracing vs conventional graphics is. You can see the results in this video:

In the video above, you can see that the resulting graphic quality is very good. Even the reflections of objects on objects such as glass, car bodies, and water look the same as they really are in the real world. This technology of rendering light in real time is the new standard for game graphics in the future.

4. NVIDIA GeForce RTX vs GTX Performance

The light tracking or image rendering capabilities on NVIDIA RTX are much better than the GTX series. The claims released by NVIDIA independently explain that the capabilities of the strongest RTX graphics card, the RTX 2080 Ti, are 5 times better than the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti. This way, you can play the latest 2022 PC games in the best and super realistic graphics settings whenever you want.

advantages of nvidia rtx

5. New Features in NVIDIA GeForce RTX

The Turing architecture in NVIDIA GeForce RTX has several new features, such as:

  • RT Cores, hardware components with special ray tracing that can perform light tracking in real time. RT Cores quickly track light and accurately display shadows, reflections and illuminations
  • Tensor Cores, bringing artificial intelligence (AI) and ray tracing technologies into computer graphics. You can enjoy AI processing to speed up game performance
  • latest generation shading, with VRS (Variable Rate Shading) which focuses on high-performance and detailed processing. New shading provides more complex object processing in one scene
  • better multitasking, enables the Turing GPU to more efficiently process the heavy-duty computations of the latest games.

So those are the 5 advantages of NVIDIA GeForce RTX compared to NVIDIA GTX. Thanks to Ray Tracing technology, this graphics card can perform a more perfect light rendering in real time. The reflections, shadows, and illumination of objects on the 3D object plane look the same as in the real world.