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Advantages of DJ Alok FF and Reasons for Alok's Giveaway

As one of the Battle Royale games that has received a lot of attention from gamers from Indonesia, Free Fire continues to provide various characters with different skills to support the comfort of the players.

However, there is one Free Fire character that is currently popular. Because of its popularity, many players are asking for this character giveaway. Whether it’s during tournament events, Free Fire YouTuber comments and other FF Influencers’ social media. Who is that character? Of course he is DJ Alok.

So, on this occasion, Dafunda will discuss the reasons why so many FF players have asked for the DJ Alok giveaway. In addition, we will also discuss the advantages of DJ Alok in the Free Fire game. Without further ado, here’s the discussion.


Who is DJ Alok?

Dj Alok
Dj Alok | Miami Music Week

DJ Alok is a famous Disc Jockey (DJ) from Brazil. In order to enliven the 2022 Free Fire World Series event, Garena as the publisher presents a new character based on the famous DJ.

DJ Alok who became the new character of Free Fire is not without reason. Apart from the popularity of DJ Alok himself, it turns out that he is a Free Fire game player who also often streams while playing FF.

Like Ninja in the game Fortnite, DJ Alok is like the iconic Free Fire from Brazil. So it’s no surprise why Garena finally released the character DJ Alok.

The Reason Many Players Ask for DJ Alok’s Giveaway

Dj Alok Free Fire
Dj Alok Free Fire | Garena

What is the reason why so many Free Fire players ask for the DJ Alok character Giveaway? The answer is because to unlock the character, requires the player to top-up.

With many players who don’t want to spend money on top-ups, it’s not surprising why there are so many requests for the DJ Alok character Giveaway.

If you don’t want to top-up, there is a second way that you can use. You have to wait for Garena to release an event with several missions that you must complete to get DJ Alok.

The advantages of DJ Alok

The advantages of Dj Alok
The advantages of Dj Alok | Garena Free Fire

Overpowered Skills (OP)

When a game releases a new character, it’s certainly not surprising that the character will Overpower (OP). It’s the same with this latest Free Fire character named DJ Alok. He has the skill ‘Drop the Beat’ which can increase speed and healing.

Of course this skill is very useful in battle. You can use it to attack and defend at the same time. This skill can be used to chase enemies who are running away or take cover when the enemy is shooting at you.

If other characters have to stop to use a medkit and refill their blood, DJ Alok doesn’t need that. Just imagine, with this skill DJ Alok can run and heal at the same time without having to stop.

Suitable For Easy Booyah

You can get Booyah easily when you use the DJ Alok skill. The DJ Alok skill is not only useful for Dj Alok, but all teammates.

Alok’s DJ skill that gives this heal effect has an effect on every character that is nearby. Of course you can use this in squad mode and help you survive until the final battle.

What do you think about DJ Alok’s character?

So, that’s the discussion about the advantages of DJ Alok in the Free Fire game. What do you think about the character of DJ Alok himself?

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