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Add Tanky, Ruby Immediately Get Buff From Moonton

Ruby will soon get a buff from Moonton regarding her abilities. He is one of the tanky heroes who is tough enough to cover other heroes. With the upcoming buff, Ruby will be even stronger.

So, what buffs will Ruby get? Let’s see the following article so you don’t miss the complete information.

Ruby Immediately Get Buff From Moonton

Ruby | Moonton

This one hero is one of the heroes belonging to the fighter or tank group. Even so, it is rarely used in games, especially in ranks. But, don’t worry anymore for those of you who are Ruby users. Because this one hero in the near future will get a buff from Moonton.

In Mobile Legends Advance Server, Moonton released a new patch. Well, in the patch update, Ruby gets a buff from Moonton. 2 of the 3 Ruby skills is the ability to attract enemies. With these skills, Ruby is often used as an initiator in both early and late games.

This buff will later strengthen Ruby’s durability to be doubled when using her passive. The passive of Ruby is that she will jump to increase her defense, both magical defense and physical defense.

Ruby Ability Upgrade

Ruby 1
Ruby | Moonton

After getting the upgrade, Ruby’s passive will strengthen her defense. Initially Defense of Ruby will increase by 9 + 1*Hero level and can only increase about 24 Physcical and Magical Defense of Ruby. However, after getting the buff, the increase was quite significant.

Passive Ruby is able to provide a defense effect that increases to 9 + 1.8 * Hero level, and is able to provide up to 36 defense. Moreover, this effect can be stacked up to three times, so that the total defense that Ruby can get for Physical and Magical Defense is 108 defense.

So, what do you think about this Buff Ruby by Moonton, can it have a significant impact on the hero? Don’t forget to comment below.

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