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According to BTR Luxxy, this team deserves to enter the PMPL SEAs Finals!

Only 1 day left until the round Grand Finals PMPL ID Season 2and the teams should have prepared themselves.

The struggles they went through in the Regular Season yesterday, will all pay off in this round.

The 16 teams that made it through to the Regular Season will meet in the Grand Finals with format already determined.

Each fan has their own flagship team, as well as the pro players, who have their own mainstay opponent as well.

If we look like BTR RA, having Morph Team opponents in the Sanhok bootcamp area, Aura against RRQ, and others.

Who Will Qualify Towards PMPL SEA Finals?

In accordance with the format that has been made by the party PMPL Season 2 In this case, the winners will enter the PMPL Sea Finals.

More correctly, Champions (1st place) and Runner Up (2nd Place) in PMPL ID Season 2.

BTR LuxxyIn-Game Leader of the team Bigetron Red Aliens, said his opinion which team deserved to qualify for the PMPL SEA Finals.


It is known that the BTR RA team is the strongest team ever to represent Indonesia in international and national tournaments.

As the leader of this strong team, he mentioned several teams that deserve to be his opponents in the PMPL Sea Finals later.

BTR Luxxy said that ION, Aura, RRQ, Morph, and Boom Esports is a team that deserves to accompany them in the PMPL Sea Finals later.

Yes, if we pay attention 5 teams above are the teams that showed a very high performance in yesterday’s Regular Season.

These 5 teams are also teams that occupy positions 2-6 in the Regular Season standings.

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It looks like it can be a very tough opponent for the PMWL East champions, and a challenge for them.

As we know it, BTR RA have got a slot too in PMPL Sea Finalsbecause it is a champion in the Regular Season.

Look forward to the Grand Finals from PMPL ID Season 2 guys and don’t miss it to support your team!

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