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According to Aero Potato, this team has the potential to win 1st place in PMPL Sea Finals!

This is the team according to Aero Potato that can win the PMPL Sea Finals!

The big PUBG Mobile tournament in Southeast Asia will be coming in a few days, to be exact on 23 – 25 October 2022.

There will be 16 teams that will compete in PMPL Sea Finals later, and among them there are 3 teams from Indonesia that will participate.

Bigetron Red Aliens, Aerowolf Limax, and also Aura Esports who has managed to get a slot for winning PMPL ID Season 2 yesterday.

Of course it will be a very thrilling tournament, seeing 3 teams from Indonesia will fight against PMPL champions from other countries participating in this tournament.

We see that the players have prepared well, they continue to train to be able to show their best performance in the tournament later.

With the scrim done for a few days before the tournament, the teams should be “hatred” with a strategy to finish off their enemies.

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Aero Potato Predicts First Place Later!

In the video uploaded to the account, the three players from three Indonesian teams gave their opinions about the PMPL Sea Finals later.

When asked about the prediction of the results later, Aero Potato also gave an opinion that RRQ Athena could potentially occupy number one.

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In my opinion, the number one RRQ Athena is from Thailand, because in terms of experience there is, and they are mentally strong too” said Aero Potato.

He said that naturally the RRQ Athena team was also strong enough to beat the best teams from Indonesia, but also had the potential to lose.

The Indo team was advised to keep trying to beat the Alien from Thailand in the PMPL Sea Finals later.

From PMPL Thailand, the brand made a complete comeback, until finally it was able to become the champion, right? But I’m sure Indonesia can also take the top rank.” said Potato.

Support your team at PMPL Sea Finals to be able to make Indonesia proud in the PUBG Mobile division.

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