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A Valheim Player Creates an Amazing Eiffel Tower!

Who does not know about the Eiffel tower, surely everyone already knows about the magnificent tower that stands in the city of Paris, France. Recently a Valheim player has created a stunning Eiffel tower in the game.

Want to know how the Eiffel Tower looks like? Let’s see the discussion so you don’t miss the information.

A Valheim player Creates an Amazing Eiffel Tower

Valheim is a survival game, in which players can be as creative as they want to make a lot of stuff. In essence this game is exactly like Minecraft, although not as complete as Minecraft. But even so, currently Valheim is even more popular than Minecraft.

A Valheim player as well as a Redditor named hugahl, has created a stunning Eiffel tower in the game. In building the Eiffel tower, he used a debug mode accompanied by a mod. So with the combination of these two things he was able to build this very magnificent tower.

When viewed from a distance, hugahl’s Eiffel tower looks very artistic. It has details that are quite exactly the same as the original version that exists in the real world. Although when viewed up close the shape itself starts to look a little messy. However, his creativity and hard work deserves thumbs up.

Valheim Creation Inspiration

Valheim 4
Valheim | Iron Gate Studios

Recently, the CEO of Iron Gate Studios, Richard Svensson, has made a statement that is quite surprising. He said that the PS1 game, The Legends of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, had been the inspiration in making Valheim, especially in terms of graphics.

In fact, Svennson also added that the employees and developers of Iron Gate themselves really like the graphics of PS1 games. So it’s no wonder that Valheim does have similarities in terms of visuals and graphics with various games on PS1.

Now, Valheim continues to be a phenomenal and a big hit since its release in early June. Currently, 5 million copies of this game have been sold on Steam. That number is enough to prove how popular Valheim is.

So, what do you think about the appearance of the Eiffel tower in Valheim? Don’t forget to comment, and continue to visit Dafunda or install the application on the Play Store to get other interesting information about the world of Games, Anime, Film, and Pop Culture.