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9 Ways to Link Mobile Number to PUBG Mobile for Account Security

PUBG Mobile is one of the war games with the highest number of users today. For those of you who play the game, do you know that there is currently a way to link a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile.

This method has the main function or use as double security from the PUBG Mobile account. But before we explain further about this function, here we will discuss in full how the process of connecting a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile.

We’re sure many of you, especially new players, don’t know how to connect a cellphone number to a game account. Therefore, we recommend that you read this article to the end.

Then you also need to know that to carry out this process each player must meet several applicable terms and conditions. Alright, so that it is clearer, just take a look at the full discussion below.

Terms of Connecting Mobile Number to PUBG Mobile

As we mentioned above that currently PUBG Mobile is one of the best war games. This game can be played on Android and iOS devices online.

Even though PUBG New State has recently arrived which offers a future battle theme, there are still many war game lovers who are still loyal to PUBG Mobile. If so, maintaining account security is of course an important thing that must be considered.

Cases of account hacking by hackers are actually quite often experienced by PUBG Mobile players. Moreover, currently there is only a way to unbind an account to keep hackers from abusing the victim’s account. That way, here we recommend maintaining account security in various ways, one of which is by linking a cellphone number to a PUBG Mobile account.

Before we explain how to carry out the process, you must first meet the following requirements:

  • Have the latest version of the PUBG Mobile application
  • The mobile number you want to connect must be active
  • There is a pulse of at least Rp. 5,000 on the cellphone number as a fee for receiving the verification code

How to Link Mobile Number to PUBG Mobile

How to Link Mobile Number to PUBG Mobile

If there is a way to connect PUBG New State to Facebook, PUBG Mobile players can also authorize an account to the cellphone number used to register an account. To link a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile, you only need to prepare all the conditions above.

If there are no problems with all the applicable requirements, now all you have to do is prepare a cellphone number and a smartphone that is usually used to play PUBG Mobile. After that, follow the procedure as follows:

1. Run PUBG Mobile

Run PUBG Mobile

First step please open the PUBG Mobile appe on smartphones.

2. Enter the Settings Menu

Enter the Settings Menu
Enter Settings Menu 2

On your main page tap little triangle iconl in the lower right corner then enter the menu Arrangement.

3. Select Account & Security

Select Security Account

Then on the page Arrangement you click the menu Account and Securityanan.

4. Select Link Mobile Number

Select Link Mobile Number

After that click the button Link on the right Link Mobile Number.

5. Enter Mobile Number

Enter Mobile Number To Link to PUBG Mobile

Now enter mobile number that you want to link to your PUBG Mobile account. After that click Get to receive a verification code via SMS.

6. Enter the Verification Code

Enter Verification Code

After that, you just need to write down the verification code that was sent via SMS.

7. Create Password

Create Password

Then in the column below you are asked create password or password for Secondary Verification. If you have clicked OK.

8. Enable Secondary Verification

Enable Secondary Verification

After that tap Open on the menu Login Protection for enable the Secondary Verification feature.

9. Input Verification Code

Input Verification Code To Link Mobile Number to PUBG Mobile

Final, enter verification code which has been received then click OK to complete the process of linking the cellphone number to the PUBG Mobile account.

Benefits of Linking Mobile Numbers to PUBG Mobile

Until here, you already know how to link a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile. Next, we will explain further about the true benefits of linking a cellphone number to the game account.

So by connecting or authorizing a PUBG Mobile account with a cellphone number it will make your account more secure. Because, when there is login activity on the account, the system will ask for a verification code sent to the user’s cellphone number.

That way, the perpetrators will not be able to get the code because they don’t know the cellphone number linked to the account. In addition, when doing the above method, you will also be asked to create a special password to activate the Secondary Verification feature.

The Secondary Verification feature here acts as an additional security feature where the way it works is the same, namely a request to enter a password every time there is login activity on the account.


So that’s the procedure for linking a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile to maintain account security. How, easy isn’t it? Here you only need to prepare an always-active cellphone number to be linked to your PUBG Mobile account.

In addition, above also provides a complete explanation of the benefits or uses of how to link a cellphone number to PUBG Mobile. That way, for all PUBG Mobile players, we recommend doing the above method to avoid cases of hacking on your account.