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9 Ways to Link the Latest Konami ID PES 2022

For football game lovers, of course, you are familiar with one of the games made by Konami, namely PES or Pro Evolution Soccer. This game can be played for several devices including on mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

The gameplay is quite interesting and also easy to play, just like Worm Zone, which is one of the advantages of this one sport game.

In the game, you will be able to manage all the players you have from buying to switch players as desired and save all the settings with the Konami ID.

What is Konami PES ID

What is Konami ID

Even without linking your Konami ID to the game, you will still be able to play PES Mobile perfectly. It’s just that maybe you will lose the settings and also the players you have played so far when changing devices.

For that, so that all the settings and also the players you already have can still play when you change devices. Then a Konami ID is needed which will later be used as a medium for synchronizing all players and the settings you have made.

To menatukannya can be said very easy. Where you can link the Konami PES ID you can do directly when playing the game. Even those of you who don’t have a Konami ID can register right away.

How to Link Konami PES ID

For players who don’t want to lose PES account data that you’ve played before. Of course, linking the Konami ID is the most appropriate solution. So, please follow the complete guide from below.

1. Please open the PES 2022 application that is already installed on your smartphone and wait for it to open

Open PES App

2. After entering the lobby, please click the menu Extra then continue by clicking options Support

Extra Menu

3. If you have entered the Support menu, please just click Link Data

Link Data

4. A pop up will appear that says “If you link data, you can transfer your accounts” Please click OK

Click OK

5. Please select Link Data with Konami ID

Link Data with Konami ID

6. If you already have a Konami ID, then please login. But if you haven’t, please register first by selecting the menu Register Email Address and Password as New User

Konami ID Register

7. Please fill in all the requested data on the register page correctly and click Send Code

Registration Form

8. Open the incoming email from Konami that provides the registration code and enter it on the registration page

9. Wait a few moments until the registration process is successful and you see the link to the Konami ID text change to Linked with a green check next to it

The ease of linking a Konami ID to the PES mobile application is certainly one of the things that PES players need. Because when they switch devices automatically all settings and players on the previous device remain intact.

That’s how to link the Konami ID in the PES mobile game that you can follow. Hopefully by listening to the article above, you can easily link your ID to the game you are playing.