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9 Ways to Copy the 2022 Steam Client Game: Without Re-Downloading

It turns out that there are still people who don’t know how to copy Steam games. Therefore, in the following article, Game will share this information in full.

Copying Steam games is actually very easy. This process is often needed when you want to change a PC device that already contains Steam game data to another device.

The procedure for copying Steam games does require a special trick. Even so, you don’t need to worry, because this trick is still quite easy and can be done by anyone.

Before we explain how to copy Steam games, make sure you have an internet connection and an adequate device ready. If so, now we proceed to the core of the discussion below.

What is a Steam Client?

What is Steam Client 1

Steam is the most popular PC game distribution today. On Steam you can BUY various kinds of PC games, both free and paid. This software can be installed on Windows, Linux or MacOS devices. Steam itself has a size of about 400 MB.

How to Copy Steam Games

As we mentioned above that to copy or copy games on Steam you must have an internet connection. Why is that? because later there will be several stages on Steam that can only be done online.

In addition, we recommend that you have prepared the device as well as the game data to be copied. For a copy of your game data, the data is stored directly on the device or on an external hard drive. After everything is ready, please follow the procedure for copying Steam games below:

1. Run Steam on PC

Run Steam on PC

First, please open the Steam software on your PC or laptop. If you don’t have it, please download it here.

2. Search Games on Steam

Find the Game You Want to Play

Then click the Store menu -> Search then type the game you want to copy. In this tutorial we use the Paladin game as an example.

3. Specify Directory Folder

Define Folder Directory 1

Before clicking Play Game, please specify a Directory Folder to store game data. We use Drive D:\Games\Steam\Steamapps\Common. Default settings may be stored in Drive C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.

4. Install the Game

Install Game

After that click Play Game then match the storage folder with the one you specified earlier. Click Agree on the pop-up that appears on the screen.

5. Pause Download

Pause Download

Click the Pause or Pause button when the download process reaches 1 – 2%.

6. Open the Directory Folder

Open Directory Folder

Now open File Explorer and access the Directory Folder where you saved Steam games. Later there will be a Paladin game folder listed.

7. Uninstall the Game

Uninstall Game

Next, open the Library menu and then Uninstall the Paladin game on your Steam.

8. Copy Game Data

Copy Game Data

Well, for Paladin game data we have saved it on an External Hard Drive. The next step is to Copy Paste the data in the Paladin Game Directory Folder that was created earlier.

9. Reinstall Game & Happy Playing!

Reinstall Game

Then enter Steam again and select the Store menu -> Search Paladin. Do the install as before. Wait a moment, Steam will check the data. If there is additional data that needs to be downloaded then you wait until the process is 100% complete. If so, the game is ready to be played. Good luck.

Steam Game Copy Tips

Steam Game Copy Tips

In addition to the tutorial on copying games on Steam, we also have additional information in the form of tips on copying games on Steam. These tips include:

  • Prepare game data on External storage because you want to copy the game on another device.
  • Use a stable internet connection, we recommend using Wifi.
  • Make sure your PC or laptop has ample storage space. Because, Steam game data can reach tens of GB.
  • Specify the Directory folder on Drive D. If not, make a neat folder to make it easier to copy Steam games at a later time.


How long does it take to copy games on Steam?

Quite short, approximately 15-20 minutes. Depends on the size of the game data to be copied.

Is the Process of Copying Games on Steam Paid?

Absolutely not. You only need a device, an internet connection and a backup file of the game.


That’s the explanation from regarding how to copy games on Steam without having to re-download. So, for this process you don’t need to download data or buy games to copy. Just prepare a backup file of the game to be copied. If so, just follow the procedure above so that the game can be played again on other Steam devices.