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9 Ways to Buy PES Mobile Coins Using Kredivo Pay Next Month!!

Purchase of PES Mobile Coins is often done by players who want to recruit the best players from their favorite Club. Well, talking about the transaction, here we have a way to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo. Quite unfamiliar with the way Top Up like that? Keep reading this article to get further explanation.

For those who don’t know, Kredivo is a PayLater service with limits ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. In addition, the Kredivo limit that you have can later be used for shopping at Merchant Online and Offline until it is used for Top Up games.

Then specifically for PES Mobile users, you can use Kredivo as a way to buy MyClub Coins. However, the PES Mobile game itself has not been registered as a Kredivo Merchant.

Therefore, here you can buy Google Play Vouchers first using your Kredivo balance. After that, the Voucher can only be used to buy PES Mobile Coins. Alright, so that it is clearer, just take a look at the full review below.

PES Mobile Top Up Terms Using Kredivo

Before going into the main discussion, we would like to first explain that to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo, certain terms and conditions apply. Including the following :

1. Already Activated Credit Limit

The first requirement, of course, is that you must have activated the Kredivo limit. If not, please download the application on the Play Store and then follow the instructions to apply for a Kredivo limit.

2. Email Google Play Registered in PES Mobile Account

The second condition, make sure the Google Play Email is the same as the Email used for the PES Mobile list. If not, then make changes to the Email first so that later Google Play Vouchers purchased using Kredivo can be used.

3. Only Valid For Android Users

Finally, it’s important to know that how to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo is only valid for Android users. This is because the Kredivo application installed on iOS devices does not provide a Game Voucher purchase feature.

How to Buy PES Mobile Coins Using Kredivo

How to Buy PES Mobile Coins Using Kredivo

From the beginning of the discussion, we actually mentioned the procedure or procedure for purchasing PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo. So, through this method, you will need to buy a Google Play Voucher Code first using your Kredivo balance.

After that, the Google Play balance that has been purchased can be used to Top Up PES Mobile. For those of you PES Mobile players on Android who are also Kredivo users, you can follow the procedure below to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo:

1. Open the Kredivo App

The first step is to open the Kredivo application on your smartphone.

2. Select More Menu

Then on the main page just go to the menu Other.

3. Choose Game Vouchers

Then select Game Vouchers in the below section. Remember, this menu not available for Kredivo users on iPhone.

4. Tap Google Play Voucher Code

In the available Game Voucher options, please select Google Play Voucher Code.

5. Determine the Voucher Nominal

After that determine the nominal balance of the Google Play Voucher which are desired. Before that, make sure that your Kredivo limit is sufficient.

6. Enter your Kredivo PIN

Next Enter Kredivo PIN to complete the transaction.

7. Copy the Google Play Voucher Code

Now copy the Google Play Voucher code which is listed in the payment details in the Kredivo application.

8. Open PES Mobile

After successfully getting the code, then open the PES Mobile application.

9. Enter the Store Menu

Then enter the menu Shop (Basket icon in the top right corner). After that select MyClub Coin because here we want to buy PES Mobile Coins.

10. Select Coin Amount

Next please select the number of MyClub Coins want to buy.

11. Use Google Play Balance Payment Method

Then in the pop-up that appears, select the payment method Google Play Balance. Then Paste Voucher Code which you copied earlier in the Kredivo application.

12. Buy With One Tap

Finally press the button Buy With One Tap to complete the transaction to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo.

After the transaction is successful, the total balance of MyClub PES Mobile Coins will increase. Then you can use the balance for the best attacker, best defender, best winger and so on from Highlight Card Types, POTW, Iconic or Legend.

Tenor & Cost of Purchasing PES Mobile Coins Using Kredivo

After listening to the steps to buy PES Mobile MyClub Coins using Kredivo, it is important to know that this service also has provisions regarding the tenor (duration of payment) and service fees.

For the available tenors, there is only 1 choice, namely: pay 30 days after purchase. This means that you can buy MyClub Coins first and then in the next 30 days you must pay off your Kredivo bill. If there is a delay in paying the bill, Kredivo will give a penalty or fine for the delay.

As for the service fee or admin fee from the above transaction, Rp. 0 alias free. That way, Kredivo’s balance will only be deducted according to the price of the Google Play Voucher Code purchased.

Pros & Cons of Buying MyClub Coins Using Kredivo

Until here, you already know how to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo to the various terms and conditions that apply. Furthermore, we also want to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing PES Mobile MyClub Coins using the method above, including the following:


  • Can make transactions anytime as long as the Kredivo limit is still available
  • Buy now and pay later (30 days after the transaction) so that Top Up can still be done when you don’t have money to buy credit or top up DANA, GoPay and ShopeePay balances
  • Free admin fee


  • Only valid for Android users
  • Kredivo does not provide PES Mobile game options yet, so users must first purchase a Google Play Voucher Code as an intermediary


That’s the explanation from on how to buy PES Mobile Coins using Kredivo. Above we also explain the terms and conditions of the return tenor and the applicable service fees for the transaction. But unfortunately, specifically for iPhone users, they have not been able to enjoy the MyClub PES Mobile Coin purchase feature using Kredivo.