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9 Ways to Buy Mystery Box Thetan Arena, There is a Legendary Hero!!

If you want to win a match in Thetan Arena game, Hero is one of the most important items. There are many options to get the best Hero, one of which is by buying Mystery Box Thetan Arena.

As the name implies, the Mystery Box in Thetan Arena is a mystery box that contains a large selection of heroes from various categories. By buying this item, you have the opportunity to get a Legendary Hero at a fairly low price.

Actually, buying a Hero can definitely be done through the Thetan Arena Marketplace. It’s just that every available Hero usually installs a relatively expensive price, it can even reach tens of millions of rupiah.

Thus, this method can be another alternative for Thetan Arena players who want to get the best Hero at a low price. Curious about how to buy a Mystery Box at Thetan Arena? Check out the full information below.

Mystery Box Thetan Arena

Mystery Box Thetan Arena

As we mentioned at the beginning of the discussion that the Mystery Box is one of the purchase features in the Thetan Arena game. In each mystery box there is a choice of heroes from the Common, Epic and Legendary categories.

Meanwhile, Thetan Arena itself offers 3 (three) types of Mystery Box options with different prices and percentages for Heroes from each category. Here are some types of Mystery Box Thetan Arena that you can buy complete with price information:

1. Mystery Box Common

First there is the Mystery Box Common option which is priced at 100 USD. In this mystery box you have a percentage to get 40.95% Common Hero, 5.5% Epic Hero and 0.05% Legendary.

2. Mystery Box Epic

In addition, if you have a minimum budget 200 USD you can buy the Epic Mystery Box. As the name implies, here you have a chance of about 40.95% to get an Epic Hero. Meanwhile, to get a Legendary Hero the probability is around 0.3%. One more thing, here you can still get Common Hero with a probability percentage of 19.33%.

3. Mystery Box Legendary

Lastly, Thetan Arena also provides a selection of Legendary Mystery Boxes that you can have at a price 1000.04 USD. In this mystery box you will not get Common or Epic Heroes. That is, here only Heroes from the Legendary category are available which of course have the best skills.

Terms of Buying Mystery Box at Thetan Arena

Until here, you already know what mystery box options are provided by Thetan Arena. That way, have you decided which Mystery Box you want to buy? Well, before we explain how to buy the item, you must know some of the following requirements:

  • Have an internet connection
  • Already connected Thetan Arena to eWallet
  • Especially for Thetan Arena players on PC or Laptop, you must have installed the MetaMask application on the device
  • Prepare a balance or budget according to the price of the Mystery Box you want to buy
  • Mystery Box purchase period is still valid
  • The desired number of Mystery Boxes is still available

How to Buy Mystery Box Thetan Arena

How to Buy Mystery Box Thetan Arena

If all the terms and conditions above have been met, then you can make a purchase transaction for Mystery Box Thetan Arena. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Visit Thetan Arena Official Site

Visit Thetan Arena 1 Official Site

First of all, please open the browser on your PC or smartphone. After that visit Thetan Arena’s official website then click menu Marketplace in the top right corner.

2. Click Connect Wallet

Click Connect Wallet

On the next page please select menu Connect Wallet.

3. Select Login with MetaMask

Select Login with MetaMask

Then in the pop-up that appears, select Login with MetaMask. Then on You are almost there you just choose Create New Game Accountt. After that Enter Email and verification code received then click Create Account.

4. Choose Thetan Boxes

Choose Thetan Boxes

Next click menu Thetan Boxes in the top left corner.

5. Select the Mystery Box Type

Choose Mystery Box Type

Now choose the type of Mystery Box which are desired.

6. Click Purchase

Click Phurchase

On the next page just click Purchase. After that you stay follow the instructions to complete the payment.

7. Open the Profile Menu

Go to Profile Menu

After the transaction, then all you have to do is enter the menu Profile then select Inventory.

8. Click Open Box

Click OpenBox
Click OpenBox 2

Next click the button Open Box on the type of Mystery Box that has been purchased. On the next page also click Open Box once again.

9. Successfully Purchased Mystery Box Thetan Arena

Successfully Purchased Mystery Box Thetan Arena

Until here you have succeed get Hero Thetan from the Mystery Box. Please click Confirm to save the Catcha results.


That’s the explanation from about how to buy Mystery Box Thetan Arena on the Marketplace. As we explained above that the purchase of this item is a Gatcha, so the Hero obtained may be beyond expectations.

However, every Hero that can be obtained from the Mystery Box can later be sold. To sell Hero Thetan Arena, you can do it on the Thetan Arena Marketplace site. Then the Hero’s sales proceeds can be used to buy other items or be disbursed into cash.