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8 Ways to Verify PES Mobile Account Two-Step For Account Security

As a PES Mobile player, you have to be aware of the perpetrators of account theft that are on the rise lately. Therefore, here we recommend every player to perform Two-Step Verification. Don’t know how to use PES Mobile Two-Step Verification? follow this article to get more explanation.

As we all know, cases of theft of PES Mobile accounts are getting more and more disturbing day by day. Usually, PES Mobile novice players become victims of irresponsible people who want to steal accounts for personal gain.

There are many modes used, ranging from offering free MyClub Coins, sending Spam information with the aim of requesting users’ personal data to Pishing links. That way, Konami immediately asked the players to immediately carry out Two-Step Verification.

We’re sure many of you don’t know how to do Two-Step Verification. Not to mention if there are terms and conditions that apply to the process. Relax, here we have prepared a complete explanation of the requirements to the PES Mobile Two-Step Verification method.

Requirements for PES Mobile Two-Step Verification

As we mentioned above, now there are more and more modes of stealing PES Mobile accounts. One of the most used modes is Pishing links or sites that offer MyClub Coins, GP Coins or eFootball Points for free.

However, as a condition for claiming the item, users are required to enter personal data which includes player ID, Email to Konami Login data. After successfully obtaining the data, the perpetrator will be able to access the user’s account and misuse it for personal gain.

Therefore, efforts need to be made to prevent these actions, one of which is by means of Two-Step Verification on PES Mobile accounts. Before we explain how to do it, you must first meet the following requirements:

1. Already Linked Konami ID

The first requirement is that you must have linked your Konami ID. This is because the Two-Step Verification process will be carried out on the official Konami website.

2. Knowing Konami ID Login Data

The second condition, you must know the login data in the form of a Konami ID and Password to login to Konami. If you have forgotten your Konami ID password, you can reset your password via the menu Forgot Your Password.

3. Registered Email Still Active

The third requirement to carry out Two-Step Verification is that the email registered in the PES Mobile account or Konami ID is still active. Because later the email will be used as the recipient of the OTP code from Konami regarding the completion of the Two-Step Verification process.

How to Two-Step Verification of PES Mobile Account

How to Two-Step Verification of PES Mobile Account

After listening to some of the requirements for PES Mobile Two-Step Verification, now let’s move on to the procedure for activating it. So as we mentioned above that this process will be carried out through the official Konami website.

In addition, in this method you will also be asked to login with your Konami ID to enter the OTP code sent via email. Alright, so that it’s clearer, just look at the full procedure below:

1. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile

The first step, please run the PES Mobile application on the smartphone.

Open Message Menu

Then on the main page please click menu Message at the top.

3. Select Security Notification

Select Security Notification

After that look for the inbox titled Security Notice.

4. Click the Two-Step Verification Link

Click the Two-Step Verification Link

Then scroll down and click Two-Step Verification link (two-step verification)

5. Login Konami ID

Konami ID Login

Then the display will switch to the Konami ID Login page. Here you are asked to enter Konami ID / Email and Password. If you have, click Login.

6. Click Activate

Click Activate

Click Activate on the page Two-step Verification.

7. Enter OTP Code

Enter OTP Code For Two-Step Verification of PES Mobile Account 1
Enter OTP Code For Two-Step Verification of PES Mobile 2 Account

Please check Gmail then open inbox from Konami. There it will be listed 6 digit OTP code. After that, enter OTP code on the Konami page. Finally, click Next to complete the PES Mobile Two-Step Verification process.

8. Successfully Enable Two-Step Verification

Successfully Activate PES Mobile Account Two-Step Verification

If a display like the image above appears, it means you have succeed enable Two-Step Verification on your PES Mobile account.

Benefits of Two-Step Verification For PES Mobile Account

Until here, you already know about the requirements and how to Verify PES Mobile Two-Step. In addition to the two information above, we have also prepared a complete explanation of the benefits of carrying out Two-Step Verification.

So for those who don’t know, Two-Step Verification on PES Mobile is one form of effort to prevent account theft. Or Two-Step Verification can also be called a double security feature for PES Mobile accounts

With the above method, perpetrators who try to steal PES Mobile accounts will later be asked for a special code from Konami. Well, the code itself will only be known by the owner of the official account. So that the perpetrators will not succeed in carrying out their actions in stealing accounts.

Once again, this method is recommended directly from Konami as the PES Mobile game provider. So we can be sure that this method is very effective and must be applied for the security of PES Mobile accounts.


So that’s the explanation from the team regarding the PES Mobile Two-Step Verification procedure to maintain account security from all forms or actions of data hacking. But remember, before applying the method above, make sure first that you have met all the terms and conditions that apply.