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8 Ways to Upgrade PS Plus Extra and Deluxe (Pay Part)

How to Upgrade PS Plus – As a PS4 or PS5 user, you must have known that recently Sony has provided a new package for PlayStation Plus, namely the Extra package and the Deluxe package. In both packages, Sony offers many advantages for the users.

Before PS Plus Extra and Deluxe, you might have subscribed to PS Plus Essential. As we know that when we subscribe to PS Plus, we can play with other users online and get free games.

Well, the Extra package and the Deluxe package actually offer the same benefits in the form of free games, Online Multiplayer features and so on. However, in the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe packages, there are several additional benefits that PS Plus Essential customers may not find.

For those of you who are still a PS Plus Essential customer, you can upgrade to PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe. If we upgrade the package, does that mean we have to pay in full for the new package? Find a full explanation below.

PlayStation Plus Package Upgrade Terms

PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Deluxe are indeed being talked about by PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5. Meanwhile, the difference between PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Deluxe itself lies in the price and the benefits offered.

For example, for a PS Plus Extra subscription, you need to prepare a minimum budget of 150 thousand for a duration of 30 days. While the 30-day PS Plus Deluxe package is priced at around 160 thousand. Even so, Deluxe has more advantages that are not available on PS Plus Essential or Extra.

A special advantage offered by PS Plus Deluxe is the Game Trials feature which allows you to try the game first before buying it. Apart from that, there is also a list of classic games for PS4 and PS5.

Apart from all that, here we will explain how to upgrade a regular PS Plus to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Deluxe without having to pay in full. But before that, you first need to meet the following requirements:

1. Still Subscribe to PS Plus Essential

First, make sure the PS Plus Essential package you are using is still active. If it is no longer active, then the upgrade process cannot be done, but you have to buy a new package at full price.

2. Sufficient PSN balance

Second, if the purchase transaction will be made using a PSN balance, make sure your balance is more than the nominal bill. If the balance is insufficient, then please Top Up the PSN balance first.

3. PS Device is Connected to the Internet

Third, make sure the PS4 or PS5 you are using is connected to the internet. Because the PS Plus upgrade process can only be done online.

How to Upgrade PS Plus

How to Upgrade PlayStation Plus

After meeting all the requirements above, now we go to the core of the discussion, which is about how to upgrade the PS Plus. So, in this way you can switch the standard or regular PS Plus package to the Extra or Deluxe version without having to pay in full.

For example, here you have subscribed to PS Plus Essential with an active period of 30 days and it has been going on for 8 days. So, the remaining active period of PS Plus Essential is only 22 days. Then you want to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Deluxe with the same active period, then you only need to pay less than 50 thousand rupiah.

To be more clear, just look at the complete procedure below:

1. Open the PlayStation Plus Menu

Open the PlayStation Plus Menu

First of all please Login to PS4 or PS5 then on the main page just go to the menu PlayStation Plus

2. Choose Package

Choose Package

Next define you want to upgrade PS Plus Extra or Deluxe.

3. Click Continue

Click Continue

If so, on the next page please click Continue

4. Payment Confirmation

Payment Confirmation 1

Next specify payment method then click Confirm Purchase for payment confirmation.

5. Successfully Upgrade PS Plus

PS Plus Upgrade Successfully

Until here you have successfully upgraded PS Plus. Good luck trying the various benefits offered.

Benefits of Upgrading the PS Plus Package

After knowing what the conditions are and the procedure for changing the PS Plus package to the Extra and Deluxe versions, then you also need to know that this method offers several advantages. Among others :

More Free Games

First, by switching the PS Plus package from the standard version to the premium version, you can get many of the best PS4 games for free. Even the games obtained can later be used on the PS5 Console.

2. Classic & Trials Game Features

Second, especially for those of you who choose to upgrade PS Plus to the Deluxe version, you can later enjoy the Classic Game features and Game Trials. These two features are exclusive services for PS Plus Deluxe subscribers and are impossible for PS Plus Essential or Extra customers to find.

3. Cheap Upgrade Fee

And most importantly, the PS Plus upgrade fee is quite cheap if the activated PS Plus Essential subscription has only been running for a few days or a few months. In essence, if you want to upgrade to PS Plus if the previous package is still active, you will only be charged an additional fee according to the reduced price for the new package you choose.

For example, previously you bought PS Plus Essential for 30 days at a price of Rp. 89,000 and has been used for 8 days, meaning the remaining active period is 22 days. Then you switch to PS Plus Extra 30 days at a price of Rp. 155,000, then the additional cost required is around 24 thousand.


That’s the information from regarding the procedure for switching the PS Plus subscription package from the Essential version to the Extra or Deluxe version. On the latest PlayStation Plus there are many benefits that customers can enjoy.

In addition, the price or cost for upgrading the PlayStation Plus package is also very affordable. So, for PS4 and PS5 users, hurry up and upgrade your PS Plus and enjoy the various bonuses available.