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8 Ways to Solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5 Guaranteed to Work!!

As a PS5 user, have you ever experienced the Error Code CE-100095-5? Please note that Error CE-100095-5 will have an impact on PS5 games cannot be opened. Then is there a way to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5?

Relax, for those of you PS5 owners who are encountering Error CE-100095-5 and don’t know how to solve this problem, you just have to read this article to the end. Because in this discussion we have prepared several solutions to overcome the CE-100095-5 Error on PS5.

Then you may also wonder why PS5 can experience Error CE-100095-5. Yes, this error code often occurs due to several factors, one of which is that the game or application has not been updated.

Apart from being an update to the application, Error CE-100095-5 can also occur due to other factors. Alright, instead of being curious, just look at the full review of the causes and how to solve the PS5 Error CE-100095-5 below.

Cause PS5 Error CE-100095-5

Cause PS5 Error CE 100095 5

PS5 is the latest console game device released by Sony. As we all know, since its inception, PlayStation has always received a positive response from the public. Until now, the PlayStation has arrived in the 5th generation and Sony is not confused about finding the market for these products.

Meanwhile, the PS5 price in Indonesia is arguably still quite expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s the reason people don’t play games on PS5. In fact, since entering the Indonesian market around mid-2022, many people have bought PS5 devices.

Well, for those of you who are PS5 users, you must have felt the excitement offered by this device. But on the other hand, please note that some users also claim to have experienced problems playing PS5, one of which is Error CE-100095-5.

When the PS5 experiences these problems, the main impact is that applications or games on the PS5 cannot be opened. Before we explain how to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5, first of all, consider some of the causes below:

1. Update is in progress

The first cause is the application or game being played is being updated or updated. If so, then the application may not be able to run before you install the latest version.

2. Using an External Hard Drive

The second cause is using an external hard drive to save the game you want to play. Usually this method is done when the PS5 storage space is full, so you move the game to additional storage space in the form of an external hard drive.

It is important to note that this space is only capable of storing application data and cannot connect to the system so that the game can be played. Even when the game data is fully downloaded before you move the application.

3. Internet Connection Problem

While the last cause for the CE-100095-5 problem is that the internet connection used is indeed problematic. Meanwhile, this connection problem can be caused by weather factors, Routers (for Wifi users) to the PS5 cable is not installed properly. If so, then the performance of the device in getting an internet connection will not be optimal.

How to Solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5

How to Solve PS5 Error CE 100095 5

So far, you have listened to information about the cause of PS5 Error CE-100095-5. Next we will explain how to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5. Without further ado, just take a look at the complete information below:

1. Update PS5 Apps/Games

The first way to solve the problem above is to update the application you want to play. The procedure for updating PS5 games is as follows:

  • Find the application you want to update
  • Press the Options button on the PS5 Controller
  • Then select Update Information
  • After that click Update to update the application
  • If you have, then you can play the game again without the CE-100095-5 Error appearing.

2. Restart PS5

After performing the first method to resolve Error CE-100095-5, we recommend not running the application immediately. Here you should restart the PS5 first. This method is effective for overcoming all kinds of bugs that may arise after updating the PS5 software system.

3. Use Additional SSD

Then we also find another way to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5, namely by installing an additional SSD on the PS5. This method applies to those of you who previously moved the game to an External HDD to overcome almost full storage space.

However, as we mentioned above, application data stored on the external hard drive will not be read by the PS5 system. It’s another thing when you move application data to an additional SSD to the PS5, this method will not result in the application not being able to run on the PS5 as well as overcoming the PS5 Error CE-100095-5.

4. Change Internet Connection

Then the fourth way to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5 is to change the internet connection used. Usually when the PS5 is connected to Wifi as its internet source, but when there is a problem with Wifi then that can be the reason the PS5 experiences the CE-100095-5 Error.

Well, as a way to overcome this, you can use an internet connection from smartphone cellular data. This method is powerful enough to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5. Later, after successfully entering the game, usually the device no longer requires an internet connection, so you can turn off Hotspot on your smartphone.

5. Rebuild PS5 Database

The last way to solve PS5 Error CE-100095-5 is to Rebuild the PS5 Database. We are sure that many of you are still unfamiliar with this term, therefore we have presented the following procedures for Rebuild Database on PS5, including:

  • Press and hold the PS5 Power button until it beeps twice
  • After that, turn on the PS5 controller by pressing the PS button
  • Then the screen will display the Safe Mode page. Please select the Rebuild Database menu
  • Wait until the Rebuild Database process is complete
  • If so, try opening the application you want to play. If it opens successfully, it means that this method is effective in overcoming Error CE-100095-5 on PS5


So when the PS5 shows the Error CE-100095-5 notification, it means an update is taking place, external HDD usage, internet connection problems up to PS5 need to be rebuilt database. Meanwhile, above, the team has shared a full review on how to fix PS5 having problems CE-100095-5. The above method is almost 100% successful in solving this problem.