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8 Ways to See Ranking in PES 2022 Mobile: Local & Global

As a PES Mobile player, do you know how to see the rankings in PES 2022 Mobile? If not, please read this article until the end to see the ranking information or PES 2022 Mobile Ranking.

The ranking in the PES 2022 Mobile game is a record that is judged based on the quality of each user’s game. In addition, the high and low rankings in PES Mobile are also judged by the number of wins.

But as a player, of course you don’t know how many matches have been played. Besides, the number of wins or losses of each match may also not be remembered.

Well, to see detailed information about the rankings you have as a PES 2022 Mobile player, we have prepared a tutorial below. Not only that, we also provide tips so you can quickly rank up in PES 2022 Mobile. Instead of being curious, just look at the following explanation.

How to see the ranking in PES 2022 Mobile

How to see the ranking in PES 2021 Mobile

The higher the ranking in PES 2022 Mobile indicates that the player has a high level of game quality. Because, as we mentioned above, the ranking of players is determined based on the number of wins.

That is, when a player has a high ranking, it can be ascertained that the quality of the game is very good. Then the rankings in this game are also divided into two types, namely Global rankings (World servers) and Local rankings (Indonesian servers).

Actually, to see the number of ranks you have, it can be done in the Matchmaking process when playing the event Matchday, Event or Standard. However, this method cannot display the overall ranking of each PES 2022 Mobile player.

Well, here is the procedure for viewing your PES 2022 Mobile Ranking information and all other users, both for Global and Local:

1. Open PES 2022 Mobile

Unlock PES 2021 Mobile

The first step, please open the PES 2022 Mobile game application.

2. Tap the eFootball Menu

Tap Menu eFootball

Next, type menu eFootball on tab Competition.

3. Tap Rating

Tap Rating

Then tap Rating in the top right corner.

4. Click You

Click You

After that click You to see the rating of your own account.

5. Ranking Data Appears

Ranking Data Appears
Rank 2 Data Appears

Finally, on the screen will be ranking information appears where you can see the ranking on Global or Local servers. If you want to see the highest ranked player, please tap Top.

How to Increase Ranking in PES 2022 Mobile

How to Increase Ranking in PES 2021 Mobile

After listening to how to see the rankings in PES 2022 Mobile, maybe some of you are not satisfied after seeing the number of ratings they have. If so, you can increase your ranking in the following ways:

1. Win the Match in the Matchday Event

The first way is to play in the Matchday Event. Every time you win in this match your rank can increase. Besides that, you can also GET FREE MYCLUB COINS when completing the event.

2. Win the Match in Event Mode

The second way is to play in Event Mode and win as many matches as possible. Besides being able to increase your ranking, you can also get a prize in the form of 25,000 GP Coins. Later these items can be used for BUY THE BEST MANAGER in PES 2022 Mobile.

Notes : There are also provisions regarding the number of rank upgrades obtained. So, if you win from an enemy with a higher rank, you can get an additional Rank of up to 20 points. But if the enemy has a rank far below you, then the increase in rank is not much, at most between 4 to 6 points.


That’s the information from on how to see the ranking list in PES 2022 Mobile for Global servers and Local servers. Above we also explained how to increase Ranking in PES 2022 Mobile. It is possible that when the ranking is in the top 10 Global or Local you can get an offer to take part in the PES Mobile competition from KONAMI.