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8 Ways to Scorch PES Mobile Matches in the Last Minutes Without a VPN

As a PES Mobile player, have you ever encountered the problem of Game Over or Game Scorched while playing an Online Game? If so, there is a possibility that your opponent will use the method of scorching the PES Mobile Game.

This method is often used by some PES Mobile players, especially when the position is losing and the match has entered the final minutes. Well, for those of you new players, maybe you don’t know how to make an Ending Game in PES Mobile.

Don’t worry, here we have prepared information about the procedure for burning PES Mobile Matches. This method is arguably one of the cheat tricks in playing PES Mobile. Even so, many other players also use this method.

That way, as a fellow PES Mobile player you don’t want to be cheated on, so every now and then you have to do the same thing. So what’s the way to destroy an online match in PES Mobile? Find more information below.

Conditions for Scorching the Game on PES Mobile

Conditions for Scorching the Game on PES Mobile

Before we explain what the steps for making a PES Mobile Game are forfeited, first we want to tell you that this method requires a special application. So, for every PES Mobile player who wants to destroy the game, you must have an application called Panda VPN Pro.

The application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for free. Apart from this application, there are no more conditions for burning PES Mobile Matches. It’s just that for the procedure for doing it you must listen to it properly so that this method works.

How to Scorch PES Mobile Match

How to Scorch PES Mobile Match

As we mentioned above, the Scorched Game case when playing the PES Mobile Matchday event is often experienced by many users. Even though there are already ways to deal with Game Ends in PES Mobile, you still have to know how they cheat by burning the game.

Previously, we explained that to destroy PES Mobile Game, you only need an application called Panda VPN Pro. If the application is already installed on the smartphone, now follow the steps below to apply the process of burning PES Mobile Game:

1. Open Panda VPN

Open Panda VPN App

The first step please you guys open Panda VPN app on smartphones.

Enter the Server Menu
Go to Menu Server 2

Then on the main page please select menu Servers. Arriving at the page that displays the list of available servers, you press the button Home on smartphones.

3. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile 3

Now open PES Mobile game.

4. Have a Matchday Match

Do Matchday 2 Matches
Do Matchday Match

After that, do an online match at Matchday events. If you have found your opponent, set up the formation and started the match, you just have to follow the game as usual.

5. Press the Recent App Button

Press Recent App Button

If the match has entered the final minute (between the 80th – 90th minute) you guys Press the button Recent Apps on smartphones.

6. Activate Japan Tokyo 1 Connection

Activate Japan Tokyo Connection 1

After that open menu tab Servers Panda VPN that you have previously opened. Then activate Server Japan – Tokyo 1.

7. Wait a while

Wait for a moment
Wait A Moment 2

Now back to PES Mobile then the screen will appear as shown above. Please wait until the Game End notification appears.

8. Successfully Scorched PES Mobile Game

Successfully Scorched PES Mobile Game

If it’s like this, it means you succeed scorch PES Mobile Game.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Scorching PES Mobile Game

Advantages and Disadvantages Scorch PES Mobile Game

After listening to the procedure for making a Scorched Game, you can apply it when you meet online users who are trying to play data. In addition, you also need to know that the above method has several advantages and disadvantages as follows:


  • The number of Ratings does not decrease even if the Score loses
  • Easy process and 100% successful
  • Can be a solution when playing but there is a sudden need, so you can stop the game without worrying about the rating decreasing


  • Is one of the actions that are prohibited by Konami
  • Prone to get banned
  • Can’t do without VPN


That’s the information from regarding the steps for scorching matches in PES Mobile. Here we remind you not to use the above method too often every time you play PES Mobile.

This method is better used if you meet cheating players who play data. Because, if you use the above method too often when you can’t win, it’s likely that you will be penalized by Konami. The sanction is given after a user reports to Konami regarding the fraudulent actions you did.