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8 Ways to Overcome Bussid Force Close (Exit Alone) 100% Successful

How to Overcome Bussid Force Close – As we know that currently Bussid or Bus Simulator ID is one of the Android games with the highest number of users. This game offers the fun of driving a Bus from one point to another.

Not to mention that Bussid players can also install MOD to bring up various types of vehicles other than buses, such as motorbikes, travel cars, police cars, public transportation and even air vehicles such as helicopters, jets and planes.

With the myriad of excitement that Bussid has to offer, surely anyone will be annoyed when they are having fun playing the game, suddenly the application experiences a Force Close (out itself). Calm down, for those of you who may often experience this incident, here we have a way to deal with Bussid Force Close.

Not only that, we also have information about the cause of Bussid’s Force Close. Alright, instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Cause Bussid Comes Out Alone

Cause Bussid Comes Out Alone

As we mentioned above that Bussid offers a lot of fun in it, ranging from other vehicle MOD features such as Hino Heavy Trucks, Police car MODs to modification features that allow players to install Livery, change exhaust, install accessories and so on.

However, as we all know that game applications sometimes experience various problems, including Force Close. For those who don’t know, Force Close is a problem in the form of an application not responding and suddenly exiting on its own.

Just like game applications in general, in this case Bus Simulator ID also has special provisions regarding the minimum specifications of the device used. If your Android phone does not meet the specified minimum specifications, then this can be the reason Bussid experiences Force Close.

In addition, Bussid Force Close can also occur due to several factors as follows:

1. Installing Too Many MODs

The first cause is that in your Bussid account there are already too many MODs installed. That way, usually various problems will appear, starting from the Bussid MOD not appearing until the Bussid application experiences a Force Close.

2. Bussid Corrupt Application File

The second cause may come from the missing Bussid application file or corrupt. This can happen when you are cleaning files in storage and you accidentally delete Bussid application data. If it’s like that, then the Bussid application will experience Force Close and can’t even be opened at all.

3. Too Many Recent Apps

The third cause of the Bussid Force Close problem can also occur when there are too many Recent Apps or applications running. That way the performance of the smartphone becomes more extra and results in a Bussid Force Close. This factor is usually experienced by smartphone users with potato specs, RAM below 4 GB.

4. The Bussid application has been updated to the latest version

Finally, Bus Simulator ID can also come out on its own after being updated to the latest version. For example, in the previous version the Bussid application could run smoothly because the device used was still compatible.

Then after the update, of course there are some additional features available in the application and automatically the device used requires more performance in running the application. If the device turns out to be unable, then the application cannot run optimally and often exits by itself.

How to Overcome Bussid Force Close

How to Overcome Bussid Force Close

Until here, you already know what causes Bussid Force Close, then we will explain how to deal with Bussid Force Close. Actually, to solve this problem is not much different from how to overcome Lag on Bus Simulator ID. Alright, without needing to linger, just take a look at the complete procedure for dealing with the following Bussid Force Close:

1. Remove Multiple MOD

The first way to deal with Bussid Force Close is to remove some MODs. In this way, the bugs caused by the large number of MODs on Bussid can be lost and will automatically solve the Force Close problem that often interferes with the fun of playing Bus Simulator ID.

2. Reinstall Bussid

The second way is to reinstall the Bus Simulator ID application on the Google Play Store. This method can overcome corrupt files which is one of the causes of Bussid often coming out on its own. After the application is reinstalled, then you just need to re-login using your Bussid account. Or if you have connected Bussid to Facebook, you can login through the Social Media account.

3. Close Recent Apps

The third way is to close all running applications (Recent App). After that, you can also clear the cache to optimize smartphone performance in running the Bus Simulator ID game.

4. Device Upgrades

While the last way to overcome Bussid Force Close caused by an incompatible device is to upgrade the device. By replacing a device with a higher specification, the Force Close problem when playing Bussid is guaranteed not to appear again.


Junebe that’s all the information from regarding the causes and how to deal with Bussid came out on its own. Hopefully, with the discussion above, you Bussid players don’t need to panic anymore if a Bussid application suddenly doesn’t respond.