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8 Most Favorite Soccer Anime Besides Captain Tsubasa!

When we mention soccer anime, the first thing that pops into our minds is Captain Tsubasa. Even though there are still a myriad of soccer anime that have the same cool story as Captain Tsubasa. Even in Indonesia itself, there were several anime with this theme that aired in Indonesia around the 2000s.

Some of these soccer-themed anime may not have the magic moves found in Captain Tsubasa, but the story is very fun to listen to. For those of you who like sports and anime, you can follow this article especially those who like anime with a sports theme. Here are 10 of the most favorite soccer anime according to Game Buddy.

8 Favorite Soccer Anime

1. Football Anime – Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

Football Anime

This anime once aired on TV7 after the popularity of Captain Tsubasa. Not only the anime, the manga is also very popular in Indonesia. This anime tells the story of a high school boy named Toshihiko Tanaka. Here he inherited shirt number 10 by the late Kubo Yoshiharu who was one of the greatest high school soccer players in Japan. Aoki Densetsu Shoot! also presents a teenage story with an exciting romance to follow.

2. Football Anime – Whistle

Football Anime

Not just Shoot! only ever shown on TV7. You must be familiar with the anime called Whistle. In this anime, you will meet a small man named Sho Kazamatsuri who struggles to become a great soccer player at his school. Together with his teammates, he will face great players from other schools.

3. Football Anime – Inazuma Eleven

Football Anime

When talking about sports anime with magical moves, Inazuma Eleven has more magical moves and stories than Captain Tsubasa. The main character of this anime is a goalkeeper, Mamoru Endo, who together with his friends is fighting to become the best soccer team. Not only great at goalkeeping, Mamoru Endou is also able to issue electricity when catching the ball.

4. Ganbare! Kickers

Football Anime

For those who were born in the 80s or early 90s, you must be familiar with this anime. This anime was broadcast on Indosiar before being attacked with a 3D film of doom and dragons. Here also displays magic moves like Captain Tsubasa. What we remember most from this anime is the last episode where the last rival of the Kickers club issued a spinning stance in the air. If you look at the character model, it looks a bit like Captain Tsubasa.

5. Offside

Football Anime

There is another anime that once aired in Indonesia, to be precise on the ANTV TV station called Offside. This anime tells the story of a high school student named Goro Kumagaya who is a tall and very talented teenager. He is not only talented as a goalkeeper, but also a player on the front line. Goro also has to lead the Kawasaki High School team to become the best club in Japan.

6. Giant Killing

Football Anime

Giant Killing takes a different point of view from the previous anime we mentioned. If others tell about the struggles of high school or high school children to become great soccer players, here, the main character named Takeshi Tatsumi is a coach who has to train and manage team players in the Japanese league.

7. Days

Football Anime

Days is one of the anime that has an interesting story plot to follow. Here you will meet a boy named Tsukushi. Tsukushi is a boy who is not special and has no talent in soccer. Here he will meet great players who eventually made him develop.

8. Captain Tsubasa (2022)

Football Anime

Just because we said apart from Captain Tsubasa, we didn’t mention this title. The popularity of this series is unquestionable. This series is arguably the latest series from Captain Tsubasa. In terms of storyline, nothing is too significant because it still carries the storyline of the original series. What distinguishes it is the image quality that is more modern and contemporary. So it’s also suitable for new viewers from Generation Z who have never watched Captain Tsubasa.