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8 Best & Newest Cheap Gaming Chairs in 2022

Best Cheap Gaming Chair – Playing games is impossible for a while. The average person can spend 2 to 4 hours playing games in front of a PC. If you like playing games for a long time, it’s better to buy a gaming chair. This chair is different from the chairs in general. Chairs for gaming have special cushions in the neck or back area to maintain a natural posture. Gaming chairs also usually have armrests so your hands don’t hang while playing.

List of the Best Cheap Gaming Chairs in 2022

The following are recommendations for cheap gaming chairs with the best quality in 2022. All gaming chairs have standard features such as special cushions on the neck and back and armrests. These 8 gaming chairs also have some luxurious features that are sometimes not worth the price offered.

1. Vortex Series Y Gaming Chair

Price: IDR 2,100,000

Advantages of Vortex Series Y . Chairs

  • The cheapest gaming chair price in Indonesia
  • The quality of the most commonly used synthetic PU material
  • Has a Multi Functional Tilt Mechanism that is safe and can withstand heavy loads.

cheap gaming chair

Vortex is a local company that designs comfortable chairs for long periods of use in front of the computer. The Y series Vortex gaming chair is designed to make users feel at home playing games longer. The position of the chair is designed in such a way that it can maintain a perfect body position when sitting. So even if you use it for a long time, you don’t have to feel sore. This chair is made with synthetic leather and cold foam for increased comfort. The price of this gaming chair is among the cheapest compared to other similar chairs.

2. Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 101

Price: IDR 2,490,000

Advantages of Rexus RGC 101 Kursi Chair

  • Made of Synthetic Leather
  • Can withstand heavy loads up to 150 kg
  • The legs are made of steel.

best gaming chair

The Rexus RGC 101 gaming chair is inspired by racing car seats. This chair also has handrails that can be used as an armrest when resting. The Rexus RGC 101 has 2 pillows and you can lower the seat back up to 180 degrees if you want to lie down. The synthetic leather used is of high quality. The price of this gaming chair is still quite affordable.

3. Rexus Gaming Chair Raceline RC1

Price: IDR 2,790,000

Advantages of Rexus Raceline RC1 Seat

  • Made of Synthetic Leather
  • Can withstand heavy loads up to 150 kg
  • 180 degree backrest and 3D Hand Rest.

best cheap gaming chair

Rexus Raceline RC1 is a cheap gaming chair that has 3D armrests to increase your comfort when playing games. The back of the chair can also be tilted up to 180 degrees if you want to rest for a while. This gaming chair is also very concerned about the safety aspect because the weight of the chair rests on 5 fulcrum points. The sporty and dynamic design has specifications similar to racing car seats.

4. Digital Alliance Throne Gaming Chair

Price: IDR 2,800,000

Advantages of the Digital Alliance Throne Seat

  • 2D Adjustable PU Armrest
  • Butterfly mechanism with Metal Frame
  • The material is made of PU + PVC.

latest cheap gaming chair

The Digital Alliance Throne gaming chair is made of high-density foam material so that it can maintain posture when sitting for long periods of time. The seat cover is made of PU + PVC material so it is quite comfortable to use. Then this chair has a frame made of metal so it can support a weight of 150 kg. The back of the chair can be tilted up to 180 degrees if you want to take a break while playing games.

5. Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

Price: IDR 3,200,000

Advantages of Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

  • 4D Arm Rest Directions
  • Can withstand heavy loads up to 120 kg
  • Made of breathable PVC leather.

the newest and cheapest gaming chair

The Cougar Armor gaming chair is designed to support the lower back. This chair uses a PVC leather upholstery that is not hot so you can stay comfortable when occupied for a long time. Cougar Armor also has two soft pillows on the head and waist to maintain a normal body position when sitting. The seat back can be tilted up to 180 degrees.

6. Sades Pegasus Gaming Chair

Price: IDR 3,500,000

Advantages of the Pegasus Sades Chair

  • Made of PU leather
  • Armrest 4D: Up/Down, Forward/Rear, Side to Side, and Rotate 20 degrees
  • Backrest or backrest can be tilted 170 degrees.

the best and newest gaming chair

The next cheap Sades Pegasus gaming chair comes with 4D armrests. This armrest can be rearranged according to your wishes and comfort. Neck and waist pads are removable. This cheap gaming chair is easy to install because reinstalling this chair only takes 30 to 40 minutes. Ergonomic design is designed like a car seat to make it look sporty. This chair can withstand loads up to 160 kg.

7. DXRacer Formula Series FH00

Price: IDR 4.450.000

Advantages of the DXRacer Formula Series FH00 Chair

  • Made of Carbon Look Vinyl + Polyurethane Leather
  • Gaming chair with 3D armrest
  • High Density Mold Shaping Foam.

newest and best gaming chair

The price of the DXRacer Formula Series FH00 gaming chair is inspired by luxury sports cars. The DXRacer chair is the first brand to produce gaming chairs to meet the needs of esports and home gaming players. This gaming chair also has a higher backrest to support the entire spine. The back of the seat can be tilted up to 135 degrees.

8. DXRacer Drifting Series DF73

Price: IDR 4,500,000

Advantages of the DXRacer Drifting Series DF73 Chair

  • Made of Polyurethane leather and metal frame
  • High Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Adjustable Back Angle 135 degrees.

gaming chair

The price of this gaming chair is indeed the most expensive. But the most expensive price is certainly comparable to the quality you will get. This chair has the most elegant design and is different from the other 7 chairs on this list. The design of this chair is very elegant but still can’t be separated from the sporty impression. You can tilt the back of this chair up to 135 degrees.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair

There are many models and brands of gaming chairs. But there are some tips that you can pay attention to when you want to buy this special gaming chair. First, you have to know what gaming chairs are right for your budget. Look for cheap gaming chairs at prices that fit your budget. Second, look for the best and official or official place to sell gaming chairs to avoid fraudulent counterfeit goods. You can use the 8 cheap gaming chairs above as a reference when buying a chair to play games. Read: Best Cheap Gaming Mouse in 2022.