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7 Ways to Overcome Bussid Lag on the Best Graphic Potato HP

How to Overcome Bussid Lag – Bussid or Bus Simulator Indonesia has become one of the most popular Simulator games recently among Android users. This game offers the fun of driving a Bus or other vehicle from one point to another.

Especially for using types of vehicles other than buses, Bussid players are required to install a MOD. In addition, there are also MODs for interesting accessories such as the Wolf exhaust, Full Strobe lights and so on.

Talking about the excitement of Bus Simulator Indonesia, of course you don’t want the excitement of playing the game to be interrupted by lag or broken. There are several factors that cause Bussid to experience Lag.

Therefore, for those of you who may often encounter this, in the following article we have prepared a discussion on how to overcome Bussid Lag. Without further ado, just take a look at the full explanation below.

How to Overcome Bussid Lag

How to Overcome Bussid Lag

As we mentioned above that Bussid offers fun in the form of a simulation of driving a bus or other types of vehicles. Not only that, you can also add Police Car MOD, Hino Truck MOD, Tourism Bus MOD and so on to provide another experience in playing Bussid.

Meanwhile, the fun of playing Bussid will certainly be disturbed if you experience lag or a broken display. Usually this is experienced by Bussid players who use HP Potatoes and choose to apply the best or right-aligned graphic settings.

Then is there a way to overcome Bussid Lag on Potato HP? Of course there is. You can see the complete answer in the review on how to overcome the following Bussid Lag and we have also included the causes:

1. Close All Recent Apps

The first way to overcome Bussid Lag is close all recent apps or the app is running in the background. Please note that the more applications that are running, the more it will eat up the performance of the smartphone, therefore when running Bussid there will be lag. Moreover, Bussid is an online game application that really requires a device to put out more performance in operating it.

2. Lower Graphic Settings

Then there are also other ways to overcome Bussid Lag, namely: lower graphics settings in the game application. As we mentioned above that when players apply the best graphics settings, usually when playing Bussid there will be lag, especially for Potato HP users.

Therefore, to overcome the lag we recommend using the graphics settings in Low or Medium. That way, you can play Bussid smoothly without any lag. Besides that, the comparison of High, Medium and Low graphics on Bussid is also not much different. So, when using lower settings, you can still enjoy satisfactory graphic quality.

3. Disable Other Settings

Deactivating or turning off Other Settings in the Bussid application can also be one way to overcome Lag. To turn off these settings, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Open Bussid
  • Entered into Arrangement
  • After that select Tab Other
  • Final, uncheck to turn off the feature Day & Night Cycle as well as Rain System

Indeed, when the feature in Other Settings is active, you can feel more excitement in driving on Bussid. But this feature is also often the reason Bussid experiences Lag. Therefore, the features in Other Settings are certainly not much more important than the smooth playing of Bussid.

4. Clear Bussid Cache Files

The next way to overcome Bussid Lag is to delete the Cache file that is generated every time you play the game. To clean the cache, you can use the default applications from your smartphone, such as Cleaner, Speed ​​​​and the like.

Or you can also use another method, namely clearing the Cache file through the Settings menu on the smartphone. The procedure for clearing cache in the Settings menu is as follows:

  • Go to Settings / Settings
  • Scroll down and select Apps
  • After that tap Manage Apps
  • Then look for the Bussid / Bus Simulator ID application
  • Finally click Clear Data -> Clear Cache
  • Done

After the Cache file from the Bussid application is cleaned, it is likely that you will not encounter lag when playing Bussid. Besides that, please note that the large number of Cache files is often the cause of Bussid Lag, therefore we recommend diligently cleaning the Cache file every time you finish playing this game.

5. Remove Large Apps

Another way to overcome Bussid Lag is to delete some applications on smartphones that are large enough to consume RAM usage. Therefore, if these applications have been deleted, later the device’s performance can be maximized in running Bussid so that nothing will interfere with your fun, including Lag, broken or even the application exits itself (Force Close).

6. Device Upgrades

The next way to overcome lag in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game is to upgrade the device or replace a smartphone with adequate specifications (minimum RAM above 4 GB). In addition to no longer encountering lag, in this way you can apply the right-aligned chart settings aka the best graphics and activate the Day & Night Cycle and Rain System features on Bussid.

7. Reinstall the Bussid Application

The last way is to reinstall the Bussid application. This method is effective enough to get rid of all Bugs and even Malware that may have been lodged in the previous Bussid application, causing Bussid to often lag. After doing this method, for those who have linked your Bussid account to Facebook, you can login using the Social Media account. If not, all you have to do is login using Google Play Games so that all the progress that has been achieved is not lost.


That’s the discussion from about how to overcome Bussid Lag on HP Potatoes. The point is, when Bussid often lags it can happen because there are too many Recent Apps, cache files piling up, inadequate devices, graphics settings are too high until RAM performance is consumed by other large applications. Through the method above, we guarantee that you will be able to run smoothly when Nglayap, Narik or Mabar on Bussid.