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7 Ways to Overcome Apex Legend Mobile Lag 100% Successful!!

How to Overcome the Apex Legend Mobile Lag – As an Apex Legend Mobile player, have you ever experienced Lag when you were playing? Obstacles like that certainly really interfere with the fun in the game, especially when you’re in a fierce battle.

Meanwhile, when you experience lag when playing Apex Legend Mobile, the cause can come from various factors, especially the specifications of the smartphone used. Please note that Apex Legend Mobile does apply the minimum smartphone specifications that can play the game smoothly.

Even so, sometimes there are also users who have adequate devices but still experience lag when playing Apex Legend Mobile. If so, it means that there are other factors that cause Apex Legend Mobile Lag when played.

Then how to overcome the Apex Legend Mobile Lag? Are additional applications needed to overcome Lag? Or are there some settings that must be changed from the game? Without further ado, just take a look at the full answer below.

Causes of Apex Legend Mobile Lagging

Causes of Apex Legend Mobile Lagging

As we mentioned above that Apex Legend Mobile is a new game that was recently released on the Google Play Store. Previously Apex Legend was only available on Steam and game consoles, therefore, after the Mobile version was available, there were more and more Apex Legend users. Even before this game was officially released for mobile devices, many Android users had pre-registered.
Talking about Apex Legend Mobile, this game does offer more fun than war games in general. The graphics display and gameplay presented are also guaranteed to make anyone feel at home playing it for a long time. However, only a few months after it was released, some Apex Legend Mobile players have complained about problems when playing the game, one of which is the application that often lags or crashes.

Actually, the Lag problem in a game application has often happened, only for Apex Legend Mobile this is quite disturbing. Because when Lag occurs during war, it will certainly disrupt the concentration of the game so that it causes the opponent to easily paralyze us. Well, for this problem most likely occurs due to several factors as follows:

1. Unstable Internet Connection

The first cause is an unstable internet connection. Usually, this happens when you play Apex Legend Mobile using a Wifi connection. As we know that the internet connection from Wifi sometimes has a very high PING. In addition, the number of devices connected to Wifi also changes which results in the connection quality being not so optimal.
In addition, those of you who play using cellular data can also experience the same thing, especially when the weather is bad. In essence, when the internet connection provided is unstable, it will have an impact on the smooth playing of Apex Legend Mobile, because this game can only be played online.

2. Almost Full RAM Memory

In addition, lag in the Apex Legend Mobile application can also be caused by almost full RAM memory. Especially for this factor, it may happen to players who use HP RAM below 3 GB in playing Apex Legend Mobile. It is important to know that Apex Legend Mobile has a fairly large size, so it is quite consuming performance and smartphone RAM memory. When RAM is working too hard, the impact will affect the performance of the device system in running the application.

3. Too Many Recent Apps

Another cause of the Lag problem on Apex Legend Mobile is the large number of Recent Apps or applications that are running. Almost the same when RAM is full, this factor will also interfere with the performance of the device in running the Apex Mobile Legend application so that when playing, the movement becomes broken, frames or lags.

4. Cache Files Piling

Then Lag Apex Legend Mobile can also be caused by too many Cache files from the application and have not been deleted. Please note that the large number of cache files in the Apex Legend Mobile application can invite bugs or problems, one of which is experiencing lag when the application is running.

5. Processor Overheat

In addition to the three factors above, lag when playing Apex Legend Mobile can also occur because the processor on the smartphone experiences overheating. This often happens when the duration of playing the game is too long while the device used only supports the minimum specifications. When the processor has experienced overheating, it is usually indicated by the temperature of the device being very hot.

6. Inappropriate Game Settings

The last cause of Lag Apex Legend Mobile is game settings that do not match the specifications of the smartphone used. For example, you only use a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM, but to play the Apex Legend Mobile game you use the highest graphics settings with 60 fps movement. If so, then the device used is not able to run commands according to these settings, so the effect is that the application experiences a lag, even this can also cause the application to exit itself aka Force Close.

How to Overcome the Apex Legend Mobile Lag

How to Overcome the Apex Legend Mobile Lag

After listening to some of the causes of Lag in Apex Legend Mobile above, now let’s go to the core of the discussion, namely how to overcome Lag in Apex Legend Mobile. Actually, to solve this problem the method is quite easy, you only need to apply the following tricks:

1. Changing Apex Legend Mobile Settings

The first way to overcome the Apex Legend Mobile Lag or change the settings according to the device. For example, previously you used the highest graphics settings, but the smartphone you used was inadequate, so to overcome the lag, try using the Medium or Low settings.
To set Apex Legend settings, you only need to do the following steps:

  • Open the Apex Legend Mobile app
  • On the Lobby page, please enter the Settings menu in the lower left corner
  • On the Lobby page, please enter the Settings menu in the lower left corner
  • If you have, then you just have to select Display Settings
  • Finally, determine the appropriate graphics settings for the device

2. Activate the Focus Mode Feature

Another way to overcome the Apex Legend Mobile lag is to take advantage of the Focus Mode feature. This feature is available on all Android smartphones version 10. By activating the Focus Mode feature, later all distractions that have the potential to interfere with the internet supply will be removed.
That way, the quality of the connection for playing online games will be much more optimal. This method is applicable to overcome the Apex Legend Mobile lag that occurs because the internet connection is unstable

3. Clearing Cache Files

The next way to overcome the Apex Legend Mobile lag is to clean the cache files that have accumulated in the Apex Legend Mobile application. To do this, you can use a cleaning application available on the Google Play Store or clean the Cache Files via the Settings menu in the following manner:

  • Go to the Settings / Settings menu
  • Select Apps
  • Select Manage Apps
  • Search Apex Legend Mobile
  • After that tap Clear Data -> Clear Cache
  • Done

After the Cache File is cleaned, then please restart the smartphone to make sure the Cache File is clean.

That’s the review from the team regarding the causes of Apex Legend Mobile experiencing Lag. In addition, above we also explain how to overcome Lag in Apex Legend Mobile. With the information above, we hope that those of you who have installed Apex Legend Mobile are no longer confused if one day they experience lag while playing the game.