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7 Ways to Mabar in Genshin Impact 2022: Tips to Improve AR

It seems that many of you are still confused about how to mabar in Genshin Impact. Therefore, through the following article, Game will explain this information in full.

So, to activate mabar mode or play with you, you need to meet the applicable conditions. Curious what these conditions are? More details will be presented in the discussion section.

In addition to the terms and conditions apply, for mabar in Genshin Impact you can use any device. Starting from smartphones and computer devices such as PCs or laptops.

By joining with friends or other users, the fun of playing this game will be much more pronounced. So, instead of being curious, just take a look at the full discussion below.

Here’s How to Mabar in Genshin Impact and Tricks to Increase AR Level

Conditions for Playing with Genshin Impact

Conditions for Playing with Genshin Impact

As we explained above, to be able to mabar in Genshin Impact, there are several conditions that must be met. Well, these requirements include the following:

  • At least have Adventure Rank 16 level.
  • Have adequate equipment.
  • Have internet connection.
  • Using the same server as other users who will play with you.

How to Mabar in Genshin Impact

Then to play in Multiplayer mode on Genshin Impact you can do it via a smartphone or PC. As for the procedure, please refer to the following tutorial:

  1. Open Genshin Impact game via smartphone or PC.
    Open Game Genshin Impact
  2. After that select the icon Paimon in the upper left corner.
  3. Then select Co-Op Mode under the Profile menu.
  4. Later on the screen will appear several online players and be one server with you.
    Online player list
  5. Please click Request to Join on one of the players.
  6. Then you will enter the Teyvat World from the players you follow.
    Log in to other users' Teyvat World
  7. Have a nice play!

Tips to Increase Adventure Rank (AR) Level

As you know, in order to be able to mabar Genshin Impact, the main requirement is to have AR at level 16. So what if your AR level has not reached that level? calm down, you just need to apply some of the tricks below so that the AR level quickly increases:

1. Complete the Main Quest

Complete the Main Quest Missions

Each task in the main Quest has a reward and an Adventure Rank level to be earned.

2. Play in Open World

Play in Open World

In this mission you are required to kill all the monsters encountered. After the monster dies, you can pick up items in the monster’s corpse box to increase AR.

3. Giving Offering Items

Give an Offering item

Finally, the items that have been obtained when playing in Open World are presented to the Statue of The Seven Geo tower and Statue of The Seven Anemo.

The advantages of playing Genshin Impact with friends / other users

The advantages of playing Genshin Impact with friends or other users

The Genshin Impact game is indeed more fun to play in multiplayer. You can play with friends in one place or invite other user players randomly. Here are the advantages of playing together in Genshin Impact:

  • Can communicate between teams.
  • Can set a lethal strategy to win the mission.
  • Adding friends in the game Genshin Impact.
  • Maximize game skills.


How many players are in a squad at Gensin Impact?

Minimum 2 players and maximum 4 players

Can Genshin Impact Game Be Played Offline?

For now, Genshin Impact can only be played online. So, you must have an adequate internet connection.

I hope that’s where’s discussion about how to play together in Genshin Impact ends. For those who are new to Genshin Impact, this game is one of the best RPG GAMES best ever. You can play it via smartphone or computer online.