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7 Ways to Install GTA V on Android Potato Specs, Free & Offline

How to Install GTA V on Android – GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most popular Open World games since the days of the PS2 Console. Until now, GTA has reached version 5 and can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC devices.

If so, for GTA V fans who only have Android smartphone devices, does that mean they can’t enjoy the excitement of the game? Well, a good news for you Android users where now the Mobile version of GTA 5 is available.

Yes, to try out the excitement of GTA V now you can use an Android smartphone. Even this game is also relatively light, because it can still be played smoothly on Android smartphones with potato specs.

Meanwhile, to install GTA V Android, you can’t do it on the Google Play Store. There is a special link or site that provides GTA 5 applications for Android. Then for the installation process, you also need a supporting application. Instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

GTA 5 Android Download Link

As we mentioned above, the excitement of Grand Theft Auto has now reached its 5th series. Meanwhile, previously GTA V could only be played via console devices such as PlayStation, Xbox and Steam on a computer.

There is a lot of fun offered by GTA, from Mabar with GTA V players Online to registering as a CEO to make a lot of money. But the excitement can only be enjoyed if you have a device to play the game.

Well, for those who still rely on Android smartphones to play games, it turns out that you can still enjoy the excitement of GTA V. You can download the game application via the link below:

Through the download link above, you can get application files as well as OBB GTA V data to be installed on Android devices. Here we also need to remind that the above application can be considered illegal, because it is not provided directly by Rockstar as the official developer of GTA V.

So GTA V Android is the result of processing by programmers so that Android users can play GTA 5 on their smartphones. Interestingly, the above application can still run smoothly when played on an Android device with a potato specification of under 4 GB of RAM.

How to Install GTA V on Android

How to Install GTA V on Android

Then after downloading all the files above, now let’s proceed to the installation process. Before that, as we mentioned above that to install GTA V Android you need a supporting application.

The application is ZArchiver which can be installed for free through the Google Play Store. If you have installed the ZArchiver application, now follow the procedure below to install GTA V on Android:

1. Run ZArchiver

Run ZArchiver

First of all, please open the ZArchiver application then go to the folder Download.

2. Extract OBB File

Extract OBB File

After that, look for the OBB file that was downloaded earlier. Please long tap on the file then select Extract Here / Extract Here.

3. Compress OBB Files

Compress OBB Files

If so, tap the OBB file again and select Compress on the pop-up that appears.

4. Copy OBB File

Copy OBB File

After that open OBB file which has been compressed, then in it you will find a folder called com.rusergames.gta5prologue. Please long tap and select Copy to make a copy of the folder.

5. Paste the OBB File

Paste OBB File

Now go to the folder Android -> Data -> OBB. Then in your OBB folder, tap the Green button in the lower right corner to paste the OBB folder there.

6. Install GTA V Android

Install GTA 5 Android

If so, please return to the Download folder then install GTA V APK Android (see image above).

7. Happy Playing

Happy Playing 1

Finally, run the GTA V Android application and enjoy playing.


That’s the discussion from regarding the procedure for installing GTA V for Android smartphones. Above we have prepared the download link for the APK and OBB files from GTA V Android. For you GTA lovers since the PS2 era, of course you must try the excitement of GTA V through the Android cellphone screen.

We need to emphasize that the above method is 100% free or does not require any fees to buy applications or the like. In addition, after GTA V Android is successfully installed, you can play it anytime offline.