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7 Ways to Connect Higgs Domino's Email : Terms & Benefits

How to Link Higgs Domino’s Email – In addition to connecting a cellphone number, Higgs Domino players are also advised to connect their Email. The goal is the same, namely to increase account security.

Because it is important to know that cases of Higgs Domino account theft are quite rampant experienced by players who have not authorized their HP and Email numbers. Incidents like this are of course very detrimental to account owners, especially those who have managed to collect large amounts of Chips.

Then what is the way to connect Higgs Domino’s Email? Don’t worry, through the following article, we will explain in full the tutorial on email authorization to a Higgs Domino account. Therefore, make sure you read this article to the end.

Not only that, we also have information regarding the terms and benefits of adding a user’s Email address to a Higgs Domino account. Alright, instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Higgs Domino’s Email Authorization Terms

As a Higgs Domino player, of course you already know that Higgs Domino is a game that generates FUND balance, OVO and even real money. Players can get these benefits by selling their chips.

Chip sales can be made to Telegram groups, WhatsApp or Higgs Domino groups on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Meanwhile, these advantages can only be enjoyed by players who have a lot of chips.

Well, for those of you Higgs Domino players with a large enough chip balance, we recommend maximizing account security from thieves. Because now there are many irresponsible people who justify any means to get chips, including stealing user accounts with lots of chips.

One form of securing a Higgs Domino account can be done by adding a cellphone number and connecting an Email. Junebe some of you have connected a cellphone number to Higgs Domino but have not connected an Email address.

If so, you just need to read this article to find out how to link an Email address to a Higgs Domino account. But before that, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

1. Email Address Still Active

First, make sure the Email address to be linked to the Higgs Domino account is still active. Because, if it is not active, you cannot get the verification code sent to the email address.

2. Smartphone Connected to the Internet

Second, the smartphone used to carry out this process must also be connected to the internet. Because, all activities in the Higgs Domino application cannot be done Offline.

How to Link Higgs Domino’s Email

How to Link Higgs Domino's Email

At this point, we assume that you have met all the requirements above, then let’s move on to the core of the discussion on how to connect Email to Higgs Dominoes. Alright, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Login Higgs Domino

Login Higgs Domino

The first step, please login to the Higgs Domino account that has not been connected to any email

2. Enter the Options Menu

Go to Options Menu

After that on your main page go to the menu Option in the top right corner

3. Tap the Lock Icon

Tap the Padlock Icon

Then on the menu option that appears, you tap the icon Padlock

4. Connect My Email

Connect My Email

Then a pop-up will appear containing several menus in the Security Center. Please select menu My email to connect the data

5. Enter Email Address

Enter Email Address

Next Enter Email Address which will be linked to the Higgs Domino account after that click Get to request a verification code

6. Input the Verification Code

Input Verification Code

Soon you will receive an email from Higgs Domino containing a 4-digit verification code. Please enter verification code in the column provided. If you have, tap the button Send to complete the process of connecting Email to Higgs Dominoes.

7. Successfully Connected Email to Higgs Domino

Successfully Connecting Email to Higgs Domino

Until here you have succeed do Email authorization to Higgs Domino account.

Benefits of Linking Emails to a Higgs Domino Account

Benefits of Linking Emails to a Higgs Domino Account

Then it should also be noted that each Higgs Domino player who has done the above method will later get several advantages. What are these advantages? Check out the information below:

1. Maximizing Account Security

The first advantage is of course increasing the Higgs Domino account security system. So, after doing the above method, an email notification will appear whenever there is Higgs Domino Login activity from another device.

If you don’t feel logged in from another cellphone but a Login notification appears, you can be sure this is an indication that someone else is trying to break into your account. Then you just select “That’s not me” in the notification email received. That way, the Login activity will be automatically aborted.

2. Get Free Chips

In addition, each player will also get free Chips after connecting an Email to Higgs Dominoes. The free chips amount to 500k where later the chip can be used for playing capital at Higgs Dominoes.


Junebe that’s all information from regarding the steps to connect Higgs Domino’s Email. Above we also explain what conditions must be met if you want to link an Email address to a Higgs Domino account.

After successfully authorizing the Email, later your Higgs Domino account will be more secure. Not only that, here Higgs Domino also provides a reward in the form of free Chips worth 500k for players who successfully link Higgs Domino’s Email.