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7 Ways to Change Apex Legend Mobile Language to English & Indonesian

How to Change Apex Legend Mobile Language – Apart from PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty, there is now the most exciting war game called Apex Legend Mobile. Previously, this game could only be played on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation devices.

Since it was reported that Apex Legend will be available on mobile devices, at that time many Android users were pre-registering on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, for now you can directly download and install Apex Legend Mobile on Android devices because the Developer has officially released it.

However, please note that when you first open Apex Legend Mobile, the display language presented is Chinese. That way, it will certainly make it difficult for you beginners to access each menu from the game application.

Therefore, through the following article we have prepared how to change the Apex Legend Mobile language to English. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full discussion below.

How to Change Apex Legend Mobile Language

How to Change Apex Legend Mobile Language

Before going into the main discussion, please note that Apex Legends is a war game genre marketed by Electronic Arts. Besides that, Apex Legends is also included in the list of number 1 games in the World.

Talking about the game, when you first installed Apex Legend Mobile, the language presented was still in Chinese or Mandarin. Therefore, many players are confused about accessing from one menu to another.

If you also feel the same way, here we have prepared the steps to change the language in Apex Legend Mobile to English. That way, you can more easily understand each menu in the game application.

1. Open Apex Legend Mobile

Open Apex Legend Mobile

First of all, please open Apex Legend Mobile on your smartphone.

2. Select the Menu in the Lower Left Corner

Select Menu Bottom Left Corner

Then on the main page please select menu in the lower left corner.

3. Scroll Down

Scroll Down

On the next page, scroll down by sliding the right side of the screen up.

4. Tap Menu Language

Tap Menu Language

After that select Language (see image above)

5. Tap the Edit Icon

Tap the Edit Icon

Then tap menu Edit on the Pencil icon

6. Select English

Choose English

If so, please select English and then select OK to confirm the language change in Apex Legend Mobile.

7. Successfully Changed Apex Legend Mobile Language

Successfully Changed Apex Legend Mobile Language

If a display like the image above appears, it means that you have successfully changed the language in Apex Legend Mobile.

How to Apply Indonesian in Apex Legend Mobile

After knowing how to change Chinese to English in Apex Legend Mobile, have you ever thought that the language in the application can be changed to Indonesian. If it is available, of course it will make it easier for Apex Legend Mobile players on the Indonesian server.

However, it is important to note that currently from Electronic Arts does not provide Indonesian language option at Apex Legend Mobile. This means that you can only change the language from Mandiri to English. Even though the English language option is only available, this feature is still very helpful for Apex Legend Mobile players around the world, because English is an international language that everyone in the world knows.

Meanwhile, it is possible that one day Electronic Arts will provide other language options, including Indonesian. Or an Indonesian patch will appear as used by KONAMI in PES Mobile and other well-known games.


That’s the information from about how to change the language in Apex Legend Mobile. Hopefully, with the information above, you Apex Legend Mobile players who were previously confused because the language display uses Chinese, can now apply the above method to change Chinese to English.

There are no conditions to change the appearance of the language in the game, you just need to enter the Language menu. After that, change from Mandarin to English. As for the choice of Indonesian, until now Apex Legend Mobile has not provided it. So, just use the English option for now.