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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Mobile for 2022

Need tips on choosing a good gaming cellphone in 2022? The year has changed, tips on choosing a cellphone for gaming a few years ago may no longer be valid. In 2022, many good games have appeared with much more complex graphics quality. The more complex the game being played, the higher the specifications of the cellphone needed. The more often the game is updated, the more content and features in the game will be. Therefore, old school cellphones may find it difficult to play it.

There are several important things that must be considered before buying a cellphone for gaming or upgrading an old cellphone to a new cellphone with higher specifications. Don’t buy a cellphone carelessly, because price is not the main factor to determine how good a cellphone’s performance is when playing games. It’s possible that a cheap cellphone has better performance than an expensive cellphone. For that, please follow these tips for choosing a gaming cellphone:

1. Look for a cellphone with a Gaming Class Chipset

Processor or chipset is one of the important points when choosing gaming phone. To run heavy games, of course, requires fast and stable chipset support. There are currently 5 best processor options, namely: Snapdragon which is commonly used in all gaming cellphones, Mediatek only certain series, Samsung’s flagship Exynos, Kirin chipset made by Huawei, and Apple Chip which is only on iPhone.

tips for choosing a gaming cellphone

Choosing a processor or chipset for gaming should not be arbitrary. Each processor has a different speed and CPU Core configuration. Clock speed and number of cores can not be used as a benchmark. For example, the Mediatek Helio P22 processor which has a speed of 2.0 GHz, when tested it is still inferior to the Snapdragon 636 which has a speed of 1.8 GHz.

List of the Best Chipsets for Hp Gaming

The combination of a Cortex A7x-based performance CPU, a high-efficiency Cortex A5x-based CPU, GPU, and fabrication is the reference for determining a good processor for gaming. Here is a list HP processor for gaming in 2022:

  1. Snapdragon Series 6: Snapdragon 660 and 675
  2. Snapdragon 7 Series: Snapdragon 710, 712 and 730
  3. Snapdragon 8 Series: Snapdragon 845 and 855
  4. Mediatek Helio P: Helio P90, Helio P70, Helio P65, and Helio P60
  5. Samsung Exynos: Exynos 7904, Exynos 9610, Exynos 9820, and Exynos 9825
  6. HiSilicon Kirin: Kirin 710, Kirin 970, and Kirin 980
  7. Apple Chips: Fusion A10, Apple A11 Bionic, Apple A12 Bionic.

2. Understand the Right RAM for Gaming

The greater the RAM capacity, the greater the ability of the cellphone to manage information. Large RAM capacity can affect your cellphone’s gaming performance. For 2022, Game Buddy recommends buying a gaming cellphone with a minimum RAM capacity of 4GB for Android and 3GB for iOS. The RAM used in cellphones is different from that used in PCs. The cellphone uses LPDDR type RAM which is designed to be more energy efficient. Most 2022 cellphones already use LPDDR3 or LPDDR4 RAM which are suitable for gaming.

tips for choosing a memory gaming cellphone

3. Pay Attention to Battery Capacity

When choosing a gaming cellphone, it is recommended to buy a cellphone with a large battery capacity. Why ? Because gaming will drain a lot of energy. If the battery capacity is small, you can only play games for a while. Of course it won’t be satisfying right? For the size of a gaming cellphone in 2022, it is recommended that it has a battery capacity of at least 4000 mAh.

tips for choosing a battery gaming cellphone

In addition, a large battery capacity does not mean anything if it consumes extravagant power. Fortunately, most of the latest processors released in 2022 are made in small fabrications (under 14nm) so they are quite battery efficient. Then if you can try to find a cellphone that is equipped with Fast Charging, so that the large battery can be charged quickly.

4. Internal Storage Capacity Must Be Large

Internal storage capacity is one of the important factors when choosing a gaming cellphone. The recommended capacity for mobile gaming in 2022 is a minimum of 64 GB. Such a large capacity is enough to install some games with the best graphics and memory-hungry. If you can buy a cellphone with a bigger internal memory, it’s better. The role of external memory (MicroSD) for mobile gaming is not too influential because after all, application data can only be stored in internal memory, not external.

5. Find the Right Size and Resolution

Screen size and resolution actually don’t have a big influence on gaming performance. It’s just that the size and resolution of the screen will give you satisfaction when playing games. High resolution allows you to find enemies more easily when playing Battle Royale games. Meanwhile, the large screen makes gaming feel satisfying. You can see a fuller graphic display. Fortunately, most gaming cellphones today have adopted Full Screen screens with aspect ratios above 18: 9, of course, they are comfortable to play games with.

tips for choosing a screen gaming cellphone

6. Pay Attention to the Weight and Dimensions of Hp Gaming

The dimensions and weight of the cellphone determine the comfort when playing games. A large cellphone will make your hands sore quickly. Especially after playing for hours on end. On the other hand, a cellphone that is too thin makes the hand lose grip. Most cellphones that are specifically intended for gaming actually have a standard thickness, not too thick or too thin, for example: Asus ROG Phone, Xiaomi BlackShark, Pocophone F1, or ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3.

tips for choosing a size gaming cellphone

7. Check AnTuTu Score

The easiest way to choose a good gaming cellphone is to look at its AnTuTu score. The AnTuTu score cannot be used as a standard to judge whether a cellphone is good or not. But this can be a standard assessment and the easiest for the layman. For the size of a gaming cellphone in 2022, it’s better to choose a gaming cellphone with an AnTuTu score above 100,000.

tips for choosing an antutu gaming cellphone

AnTuTu score below 1oo thousand is already difficult enough to play heavy games like: PUBG, Honkai Impact 3rd, or Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The 7 brands and processor series above are ideal for playing games in 2022. But keep in mind, the Processor does not determine how big the gaming performance is. It could be that 2 cellphones with the same processor have much different AnTuTu scores. Read: Tips for Overcoming Slow Cellphones.