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7 Things Most PUBG Mobile Players Don't Know

Playing PUBG Mobile is indeed a challenge because playing games only has one goal, namely survival. There are many things that new players need to know before playing PUBG Mobile. Such as Safe Zone, Blue Zone, Red Zone, Air Drop and many more. However, there are still many players who still don’t know some important things. Including 7 things that most PUBG Mobile Players don’t know about. What are these 7 things and their review.

1. scope x8 can Becomes x4

Scope is the most useful tool to be able to kill opponents from a distance. There are 5 types of Scope in PUBG Mobile, namely Scope x2, x3, x4, x6, x8. It turns out that the special Scope x6 and x8 have functions that many players don’t know about, namely Scope x8 can be changed to x4 and Scope x6 can be changed to x3. You can change the scope by pressing the gear button, as shown above. This way you don’t have to bother bringing Scope x3 and x4 if you already have a Scope x6 and x8.

2. Red Zone

The Red Zone or which means the Red Zone is a dangerous zone that is a bombing area. If in your Map area there is a Red Zone, go away from the area or look for shelter to avoid being bombed. If you are in the Red Zone area without any shelter, if unlucky you will die immediately but if you are lucky you will not be hit by the bomb and survive.

3. Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie Suit is a grass outfit that is quite useful for being able to camouflage around you. Ghillie Suit can only be obtained in Air Drop, and even then it appears quite rarely. So only lucky players can find this outfit. By using this outfit you will easily hide around and the opponent will have a hard time finding you.

4. The place Loot Mysterious

Did you know that in PUBG Mobile there is a mysterious Loot place. Why is it called mysterious? Because this Loot place is not detected by the Map radar though, and the place is different or random. Then what about the Loot problem? for Loot this place can indeed be called the best Loot paradise place. How not, here you can easily find Lv.3 Bags, Lv.3 Armor, Lv.3 Helmets, Scoope x8 x4, Kar98, SKS, M416 and other good loot. It seems that the developer deliberately made this place so that the players are curious. For those of you who are curious, this place can only be found on the Erangel Map and the location changes so that only lucky players can find this sacred place. For those who are curious about this place, please read the article about Mysterious Loot Places in PUBG Mobile.

5. Bullet Drop

Source : steamcommunity

Bullet Drop is a term used for shooting targets where the bullet will fall further down when shooting. This case usually happens when you are going to shoot enemies from a long distance. Usually within 800m the Bullet Drop will start to feel, so only experienced players can control this Bullet Drop case. You can also practice first about Bullet Drop in Training Mode.

6. Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is a dangerous area that emits radiation so that every player in the Blue Zone will have reduced HP. Meanwhile, the Safe Zone is a safe area that is protected from the Bkue Zone. At the beginning of the Blue Zone, the damage given is not too tasteful, but the narrower the Safe Zone area, the Blue Zone area will deal very strong damage.

7. Meaning Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Every time you manage to be the last one to survive there must be a sentence Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. For those of us who don’t know it, it must be quite strange to hear this sentence in the game, but it turns out that this sentence has quite a meaning related to the history of gambling. For more details, please read the article about the Origin of the Meaning of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.