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7 Significant Differences Between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC

PUBG is a Battle Royale genre game that has dominated the game market. Not only the PC is successful, but the Mobile version is also successful in the market. This is proven by the number of downloads reaching 100 million times and continues to grow. Although the PC and Mobile versions have significant similarities, in fact there are some differences between PUBG PC (Steam) and PUBG Mobile.

1. Publisher

The PUBG game has a difference from the developer company, namely Tencent as the PUBG Mobile Developer and PUBG Corporation as the PUBG PC Developer. Tencent Games purchased the PUBG license from PUBG Corporation to create and publish the mobile version. While the PC version of PUBG is still held and developed by PUBG Corporation.

2. Paid vs Free

Unlike the case with PUBG Mobile, which you can download for free on the Playstore. The PC version of PUBG is available on Steam for IDR 200 thousand. This clearly makes the two business systems different, but they both sell cosmetic items in the game. PC version, you can buy items using the money earned in the game.
While the mobile version, players buy items with money through credit cuts or Google Play Store vouchers.

3. Chart

In terms of graphics, it’s clear that the PC version of PUBG is better than the Mobile version. The graphics on PUBG mobile have been optimized for Mobile devices, so they look less realistic than the PC version. However, the graphics quality of PUBG Mobile is still better than other Battle Royale themed games. The PC version graphics do look sharper and more realistic than the mobile version, but these graphics are relatively low for PC games.

4. Difficulty Level

Which is more difficult to play shooting games with mouse and keyboard than touch screen? That’s why the PUBG mobile developer deliberately made the Aim Assist feature which automatically directs the crosshair to the nearest enemy’s body. The PUBG mobile screen display also makes it easier for players to predict where the opponent’s position is, while the PC version has to rely on surround sound audio.

5. System Rank

In the PC version, the ranking system is based on EXP and the amount of BP displayed in the leaderboard for each mode on each server. Unlike the mobile version, which applies a rank level system to encourage players to continue playing to chase rankings.

6. Level Account

Increasing the level in PUBG Mobile will provide several advantages for players. In various levels, you will unlock loot crates. In addition, you can get a special avatar icon as your account level increases. Leveling up on PUBG mobile also unlocks several features such as group chat (when you reach level 5), while the PC version you don’t have to bother to unlock features like this, because you can already do group chat from the first time you play.

7. Bot

Have you ever played the PUBG Mobile game, then you could easily defeat a lot of enemies like Pro Player? Junebe some of you are hesitant about a game because it looks very difficult, but after you play it a few times and everything feels very easy, then from then on you will immediately be addicted. Such an experience is an early access for Newbie players who are part of PUBG mobile gameplay. One of the main differences between PUBG mobile and the PC or console versions that might be considered as one of the advantages, especially for new players, is the presence of bots.
This bot is designed to help new players to adapt to PUBG Mobile gameplay. As your level increases, the ratio of real players will increase compared to bots.