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7 Priority Pick Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends, Can Carry All Teams

For those of you who play goldlane, SPIN Esports has a recommendation for 7 marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for priority pick in the current meta, who are they?

Filling the goldlane role with marksman heroes is one of the mandatory things that you must do when playing Mobile Legends.

Because the marksman or mm hero is a guarantee of winning in the late game. Regarding that, we have 7 heroes mm priority pick at this time.

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Mobile legends strong marksman hero
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Beatrix is ​​the first we recommend you pick because this marksman is the most flexible. Plus Beatrix also has 4 different types of weapons that make the gameplay difficult to guess.


Mobile legends strongest marksman hero
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Then there is Brody, even though he doesn’t have a high attack speed, but Brody is still a reliable player. Because the ultimate is very terrible if the opponent is hit by the stack first.


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Then there is Clint, Clint is a strong rival of Beatrix and Brody. He is a strong mm hero in both melee and range situations.


Hero attack speed mobile legends
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Nicknamed the tank destroyer, we also highly recommend Karrie for you to pick. He has very high critical damage and attack speed

Popol & Kupa

Mobile legends strongest marksman hero
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Then there is Popol & Kupa, you could say this marksman is the counter of the other marksman. Because while fighting Popol was assisted by his wolf, Kupa and the two of them had great damage.


Hero op mobile legends
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Want to play fast? Then Bruno is a must for you to pick. Because even at level 1 he already has terrible damage. Even the damage is consistent until the late game.


Hero marksman op mobile legends
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Finally, there is Moskov, if you want to use a marksman who has high mechanics, then Moskov is the answer. This hero must be played skillfully so that all his abilities are useful in battle.

Those are the 7 marksman heroes in Mobile Legends that are the priority picks in the current meta.

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