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7 Important Things in Metro Exodus Game that You Must Know

The Metro Exodus game by 4A Games is (probably) the most thrilling FPS game of the year. The game, which was adapted from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, is a continuation of the games Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night. This 3rd game in the Metro series has more complex gameplay and more realistic visuals than the previous series. Not long after its launch, this game managed to enter the ranks of the best-selling games in the United Kingdom beating other best games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2Jump Force, and FIFA 19.

metro exodus game review

This game still tells the story of Artyom’s struggle with his wife – Anna – to survive in a world full of radiation due to the 3rd world war. Metro’s unfavorable atmosphere forced him to look for a new, more livable place to live. For those of you who are playing this game for the first time, here are 7 important things you should know:

1. Metro Exodus Story Background

Game Metro tells the condition of the world 20 years after the 3rd world war. Metro Exodus time and place setting is 1 year after Metro: Last Night. The air condition in this 3rd game series is better and can be inhaled without the help of a special mask. The story of Metro Exodus is about Artyom’s efforts to find a better place to live called Vladivostok.

metro exodus review

Atryom and the Order’s troops struggle to find a new city and a safer place to live, away from the dangers of vicious monsters and mutated creatures. To find a safer city, Artyom and Anna, the Order’s troops and Miller use a modified steam train called Aurora. Artyum’s struggle with his troops to find a new place outside of Moscow is the main topic of the story of the Metro Exodus game.

2. Continuation of Metro Last Night Game

The Metro Exodus game tells what happened after Artyom managed to defeat a creature called The Dark Ones. In this game, Artyom and Anna are married and join Miller’s army in search of a new, safer place. Artyom’s great desire was driven by disgust because he had been living in a place full of dangerous radiation.

metro exodus game fps review

Although initially Artyom’s mission to explore Russia was opposed by Miller, but eventually Miller realized and tried to help with his troops, The Order of Spartan Rangers. On the way to a place called Vladivostok, they find a lot of evidence that there are still safe places from mutated creatures out there.

3. Wider Stage Size

Unlike the games Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night which are linear, now you can enjoy the thrill FPS games with a mix of half Open World concepts. The size of the stage is wider because it no longer takes place in the underground city of Moscow. To help reach a wider area, each map has provided modes of transportation such as cars, trains, and rowboats.

metro exodus gameplay review

Although the air outside can be breathed freely, there are times when you have to wear a gas mask in certain places. The variety of weather presented adds to the excitement while playing. Metro game gameplay is now more dynamic. Starting from blizzards, sandstorms, to rain, the game atmosphere is more lively as well as tense. Why ? Because there are many mutated creatures that take advantage of uncertain weather conditions to prey on you.

4. Weapon System in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has weapons that can be considered very realistic and challenging. You can find various heavy weapons which are certainly more difficult to control. The weapon reloading system cannot be done automatically. You have to manually press the reload button when the ammo runs out. The available ammo is very limited. As an alternative, you can mix supplies and ammo for crafting. But of course, it is very difficult to carry a lot of supplies with limited capacity. Therefore, you must be wise in the use of bullets.

metro exodus weapon review

What’s more challenging is that the gas mask that Artyom uses can be damaged. To fix this, special resources are needed. In addition, weapons can also get dirty and must be cleaned so they don’t get stuck or overheat. Fortunately, weapons can be customized so that they can affect your play style. You can design your own weapons for long or close range, according to your needs.

5. Who is your enemy in Metro Exodus?

Different place settings actually present many different enemies. Your old enemies, mutated or mutant creatures, can still be found in the Metro Exodus game. But there is one creature that is quite unique, namely the Humanimal. This zombie-like creature might have a pretty cool name. But unfortunately, Humanimals are more aggressive and will attack anyone it sees. They usually gather in one group. They usually live in dark places and buildings or buildings that are not used.

review metro exodus humanimal

Humanimal moves more like apes than zombies. They also often use the surrounding debris to be used as weapons. At first glance, Humanimal’s behavior and appearance is similar to that of ancient humans. But of course in a more sinister form.

6. Prepare to Face Real Humans

Humanimals are not the only enemies in the Metro Exodus game. In the previous series you also faced the Nazis, a faction that worshiped Hitler. In the Exodus series you will face a group of bandits named Silantius who live near the Volga river. They live by worshiping a large mutation fish called the Tsar Fish.

review metro exodus enemy

7. Full of Scary Scenes

Metro Exodus is not wrong to be one of the best games this year. Besides offering good graphics, this game can also get your heart pumping. Lots of scary scenes, dark places full of threats of dangerous creatures, and blue electric balls called Hazards which are very dangerous if approached. The sensation of playing in this game will feel more tense because of course there are some jump scares that add to the fun of playing. In addition, you also have to be vigilant, especially when entering a dark building.

metro pc ps4 xbox game review

Metro Exodus game offers a more thrilling sensation of playing in a wider world. This continuation series from Metro Last Night has gameplay that is really real. The long journey to find a safe city to live in is the main mission in this game. Metro Exodus is perfect for those of you who like to play FPS genre games because apart from being more challenging, the atmosphere that is built is also more tense.