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7 Easy Ways to Change Moonton Mobile Legends Account Email 2022

It turns out that there are still some ML players who don’t know how to change the Moonton account Email. Therefore, in the following article we will explain it in full.

In the Mobile Legends game, you can create a Mooton account to link data. This process is very useful when you login ML with other devices.

But when you forget the email password that is already linked to your Moonton account, the only solution is to change your email account. For those who are still confused about how to do it, keep reading this article until the end.

Then it is necessary to know if Moonton has several provisions related to the process. For more details, just refer to the review below on how to change the Moonton Mobile Legends account email.

What is Moonton Account?

What is Moonton Account

For those who don’t know, the Moonton account is one of the features in the Mobile Legends game to link data. By activating this feature, you can login to Mobile Legends via another device with all the data on the old device still stored. Besides Moonton, you can also back up game data on VK and Facebook accounts.

How to Change Moonton Account Email

However, as we mentioned above, that you cannot find ML data when logging in on other devices if you forget your Moonton account Email password. Well, to fix this, you need to change the email on your Moonton account.

Before we explain how to do it, make sure you have set up a new Email to re-link your previous Moonton account. If so, you just have to follow the procedure below:

1. Open the Mobile Legends Application

Open the Mobile Legends Application.

On the main page, please tap menu Profile in the upper left corner. Next select Account settings.

2. Select Account Center

Select Account Center

Then a screen like the image above will appear. Please select Account Center on the right.

3. Tap Send Email

Tap Send Email

After that tap the menu Change Moonton Account Mail Address. Then select send email in the pop-up containing a request to send a link to your email that is already linked to your Moonton account.

4. Open Email Inbox

Open Email Inbox

Now open Gmail and check Inbox. There will be a link to change the email on your Moonton account, please tap it Link the.

5. Send Verification Code

Send Verification Code

In the next screen, please enter the new email address that will be used. If you have, tap Send Code / Send Code.

6. Copy the Verification Code

Copy Verification Code

Then minimize the page and then open it New Email -> Inbox. There it will be listed 6 digit verification code. Please copy and paste the code on the Confirm Verification Code page.

7. Moonton Account Email Successfully Changed

Moonton Account Email Successfully Changed

Finally, click Confirmationthen on the smartphone screen a notification will appear that the Email for the Moonton ML account is succeed replaced.

Benefits of Changing Moonton Account Email

Benefits of Changing Moonton Account Email

After knowing the procedure for changing emails, you also need to know the benefits of the process. So, by changing Moonton’s Email, you will get the following benefits:

  • Avoid hackers who try to steal data on Moonton accounts.
  • Returns all ML data stored in the Moonton account.
  • Resolved the problem of forgetting the previous Email password that was already associated with a Moonton account.


Now you know how to change your Moonton account email in ML. As explained above, the Moonton account is very useful in the Mobile Legends game. For those of you players, we recommend creating a Moonton account, VK or Facebook to back up game data, starting from levels, skins and so on.