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7 Best Android Offline Soccer Games

Football is a sport that is undeniably the most popular sport in the world. It’s no wonder that many football games have been developed by many game developers, including one on Android. Football games on Android are divided into two, namely offline and online.

Well, in this discussion Game Funda will recommend 7 Android offline soccer games for all of you. Of course, playing offline games will save internet quota.

7 Best Android Offline Ball Games

1. Dream League Soccer

The first game we recommend is Dream League Soccer. This game developed by First Touch Games is very popular among mobile gamers. In this game you can be able to create your own dream team in navigating the league competition.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, Dream League Soccer is quite good and not stiff. The controls presented are also very easy to use. So you will have no trouble playing it.

2. FIFA Soccer

Well, the second offline soccer game on this list is FIFA Soccer. This game released by EA has cool gameplay for us to play. In Campaign mode you can form your own team and compete against all teams to win the tournament.

In addition, play offline in campaign mode. You can also play online against players around the world. Even more special, you can also train the players in your own team. The training provided can increase the player’s rating up to level 100.

3. Winner Soccer

Third, there is Winner Soccer, this offline soccer game you can play with a large selection of games. Starting from competitive matches, friendly matches, and much more. In Winner Soccer there are 32 complete teams with 600 players ready to play.

In terms of graphics, this game has pretty good 3D animation. The controls that we use in the game are also very easy to control. So it’s no wonder this game is played by many football fans.

Furthermore, there is a game developed by Gameloft called Real Football. Gameloft makes this offline soccer game quite special. The visuals and graphics presented are ready to spoil the players.

There are also quite a number of available teams and we can choose according to our individual tastes. There is also a feature to manage and upgrade players. You can also play online with players from all over the world.

5. Mobile League Soccer

Furthermore, in the fifth place for this android offline soccer game, there is Mobile League Soccer. We can play this game developed by Rasu Games without using an internet connection. You can download Mobile League Soccer for free on the Play Store.

What’s interesting about this game is the graphics that are displayed. This game features graphics that are similar to cartoons. However, that is the main attraction of this game. Although the characters displayed are cartoon characters, the fun to play is not inferior to other soccer games.

6. PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Mobile

Who is not familiar with PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). We are sure you have often played this game on consoles or on PC. On Android itself, PES is included in the soccer game that we can play offline. We can play with AI in games whether it’s playing in competitions or in friendly matches.

7. Offline Head Soccer Ball Game

If you are bored with the concept of football games that are just like that. You can try Head Soccer. This game is quite unique, because you will only play one on one against AI or boats in the game. The game is very simple, you have to put the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Well, that’s the discussion about 7 offline soccer games for Android that we recommend for you. Which of the seven games above is your favourite? Don’t forget to comment below.

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