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7 Best and Strongest Mobile Legend Heroes, Which is Your Hero?

Hero Mobile Legend – Mobile Legend is one of the most popular mobile MOBA games, especially in Indonesia. One of the reasons why this game is selling well is that the gameplay is very simple and easy to understand.

Hero Mobile Legends

In fact, many children under the age of twelve play this game (although parents should take care of their children so they don’t play too many mobile games). Even this one mobile game was controversial. Remember some time ago there was a child who used his parents’ credit card to buy items in Mobile Legend? Although controversial, Mobile Legend can also be a source of work, especially in an era where the esports industry has begun to spread. Read: Best Multiplayer Games 2022.

As we know, one of the professional gamers who is also a YouTuber, Jess No Limit, has made a lot of money from Mobile Legend. President Jokowi also reportedly wants to support this industry starting at the same time as the Asian Games last year. For those of you fans of Mobile Legend, you definitely have a favorite hero. Each Mobile Legends hero has its own advantages. Some are strong in attack, some have high speed, and some are good at magic. In this article, Buddygame will discuss the best Mobile Legends heroes. Who is your favorite Mobile Legends hero?

1. Hero Mobile Legend: Alucard

Hero Mobile Legends

The first Mobile Legends hero is Alucard. Alucard is one of the best Mobile Legends heroes because it can increase Lifesteal up to 100 percent. If you want to do farming quickly, you can use Alucard. Alucard’s skills also hurt. His first skill is Groundsplitter which is capable of dealing physical attacks up to 240 (+160% of Extra Physical ATK). For skill 2, ALucard is able to provide considerable damage which makes it easier for you to defeat your opponents.

2. Hero Mobile Legends: Kagura

Hero Mobile Legends

Kagura is a Mobile Legends hero with a mage class equipped with an heirloom umbrella. This character fits very well. Kagura has a background that comes from a family that is strong in spiritual matters or masters Yin Yang. The heirloom umbrella named Seimei that Kagura often uses is not just an object for display. This Seimei was an heirloom umbrella that wielded the power of a hundred spirits.

3. Hero Mobile Legends: Hayabusa

Hero Mobile Legends

Hayabusa is one of the new Mobile Legends ninja assassin heroes. This one hero is often juxtaposed with Hanzo who is both a ninja. Hayabusa has a fairly high burst damage, besides that because this character is indeed superior in terms of speed, Hayabusa has a very good escape mechanism by using the Quad Shadow skill.

4. Hero Mobile Legends: Miya

Hero Mobile Legends

Miya is the first batch of Mobile Legends heroes. This character who is often referred to as Alucard’s lover has skills that are GG even now. Starting from his 1st skill, Fission Shot which deals decent Physical Damage, and also Rain of Arrows which is his 2nd skill that forms a circle, and each hit deals Physical Damage. This hero who is an archer has 7 skins, including Captain Thorns, Modena Butterfly, Sweet Fantasy, Suzushime, and also Christmas Carnival.

5. Hero Mobile Legends: Lancelot

Hero Mobile Legends

Lancelot is an agile and flexible Mobile Legends hero. He is also a fencing expert who is also good at playing the sword. Lancelot’s skill is also one of the coolest. One of the skills he has is Thorned Rose. In this skill Lancelot will show sword techniques in a triangular-shaped area that reaches 7 attack points. This skill is able to kill monsters very quickly, you can even beat Mage and Marskman heroes very easily.

6. Mobile Legends Hero: Freya

Hero Mobile Legends

The sixth Mobile Legends hero is a war goddess who came down from heaven named Freya. Freya is a warrior and war soldier who has extraordinary abilities. This character has interesting skills. Like his 1st skill called Wings of Faith which gives physical damage to a fairly large enemy. Likewise with the second skill called Godspeed Strike which can increase the attack speed of three basic attacks within 5 seconds.

7. Argus

Hero Mobile Legends

The last Mobile Legends hero in our nomination is Argus. Why did we include Argus as the best hero? One of the reasons is his passive skill called Warmonger. This skill is able to make Argus produce 2 times the basic attack if the charge is full. In addition, Argus has this ultimate skill called Eternal Evil which makes him immune for a while. With this ultimate skill, Argus can add additional HP when this skill is running.

Conclusion: Which is the Best?

Actually there are other heroes who also have deadly skills and are able to help defeat enemies easily. However, you must determine the hero according to your abilities as well. Are you the type of player who prefers to attack from a distance or likes to attack like assassins who like the one-off attack type of battle. Well everything is at your choice.