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7 Benefits of Playing Games for Body & Mental Health

Make no mistake, although some people sneer that playing games is just a waste of time and useless. But it turns out that there are many benefits to playing games. The biggest benefit of games is that they can support brain intelligence and encourage neuromotor development, especially for children. So for parents, don’t forbid their children to play games. As long as they are directed to play games properly and can divide their time, gaming activities will not interfere with their study schedule.

the benefits of playing games

Well, for those of you who want to know what are the benefits of playing games. Here, Game Buddy, summarizes the 7 main benefits of playing games in today’s era of online gaming. What are you?

1. Benefits of Games to Stimulate Intelligence

Today’s games are different from the old games which are still linear and personal. The latest games today always contain many missions and puzzles that players must solve. Because there is no other way to finish the game other than completing missions, players inevitably have to rack their brains to figure out how to complete the mission.

the benefits of playing games for the brain

Well, the higher the level the more difficult the missions to complete. The more difficult the mission, the harder the brain works to find a solution. Therefore, the main benefit of playing games is to sharpen the brain. When playing games, the brain will continue to be stimulated to find solutions to every problem quickly and precisely. So don’t be surprised, if most professional gamers have a high IQ and are able to solve problems practically.

2. Game to Train English Skills

Most of the games are in English. In addition, the description of the mission and the text used in the menu to the game settings are also in English. Why do many games use English? Because this language is the most widely spoken international language in the world. To make games easier to make, game developers prefer to use English because it is relatively easy for many people to understand.

the benefits of playing games to train English

If you want to complete missions in the game, you automatically have to understand English. If you’re used to it, it won’t take you long to translate the text in the game. The more often you play games in foreign languages, the more skilled you will be in using English. The games that exist today are the most effective means to hone children’s English skills. Read: Best Games for Kids 2022.

3. Benefits of Games to Train the Brain and Muscles

Playing games is an activity that involves the brain and muscles. Games are very good for training brain and muscle coordination. To issue a character’s mainstay moves, the brain must process what buttons to press and determine when to press them. After the timing is right, the brain instructs the muscles in the hands and fingers to press the button in question. This process runs very quickly, therefore it is very good for training the speed of brain reflexes and muscles.

the benefits of playing playstation 4 games

In addition, rare events that occur in games make the brain must be able to reflect on what commands to do and coordinate to the muscles to act quickly. This is the benefit of playing games, namely making one’s reflex movements faster because the brain and muscles are used to coordinating with each other.

4. Playing games can fill your spare time

The benefits of playing games are very large to fill spare time. Instead of spending time with negative activities, it’s better to play games. Besides being able to fill time, playing games can also train intelligence and brain and muscle coordination. This activity is still far more positive than sitting idly by or sleeping all day to fill the empty time.

the benefits of playing mobile games

Especially if you are waiting for someone, playing games will certainly make you not bored quickly. Because it’s fun, time will feel faster. So, it won’t be fast if you are waiting for someone who likes to chat. Instead of being silent and seeing what’s not right, it’s better to play the game because it’s definitely more fun.

5. Reduce Stress

Playing games is the easiest way out to reduce stress. After a long day of activities and being burdened with tedious work, playing games can restore your spirit. When playing games you can momentarily forget all the workload and school assignments that have piled up. The exciting and tense feeling in the game makes your head lighter. The stress is gone and you are ready to work again.

the benefits of playing games to overcome stress

However, don’t keep playing games and forget about your obligations. Be wise when playing the game. Remember that you still have an obligation to do, not just play games all the time. Except for your job, there are professional gamers who make money from playing games every day.

6. Train Communication and Teamwork

Unlike the old games that could only be played by 1 or 2 people, now is the era of online games where everyone can play one game at the same time. Even online games now know no distance. You can play games with your friends who live abroad. Now because it can be played by many people, many games provide a chat feature when playing in co-op mode. With this feature, you can communicate with your friends in different places while playing games together.

the benefits of playing games train communication

Because communication facilities have been provided, you can work together more easily. Communication between teams can be via voice (with headset) or text (chat). Your opponent can’t even eavesdrop on the conversation, so you can be more free to coordinate with each other.

7. Benefits of Playing Games: Make Rich Sudden

Who says playing games is a waste of money? In an increasingly sophisticated era, games are no longer what they used to be. Now you can play games that are usually competed in competitions such as PUBG or DOTA 2. Each game competition also provides prizes that are not small. If you are good and can win the competition, you can earn a lot of money, you know.

the benefits of playing games earn money

Not only that, the benefit of playing other games is to make you famous. You can review videos, gameplay, and share game tips and tricks on YouTube. If you have a lot of viewers, you can install adsense on your YouTube account and earn money from there. This facility could not be found in the past. But now, you can get rich even just by playing games.