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6 Ways to Unbind Moonton Mobile Legends Account Will Be Successful 2022

As an ML player, we think you must know how to unbind a Moonton account. This process is very much needed when someone tries to hack Moonton’s account and several other obstacles.

The Moonton account itself acts as a place to back up achievement data in Mobile Legends. So you are free to login ML via other devices.

Well, if a problem occurs, then the only solution is to unbind. This process aims to withdraw all Mobile Legends achievement progress in the account.

Then what is the way to unbind a Moonton Mobile Legends account? Relax, we have prepared the complete tutorial below.

Reasons for Removing Moonton Account

Reasons for Removing Moonton Account

Before we explain about the procedure for Unbind Moonton account, you need a reason for doing the process. So, you need to do this process when the following problems occur:

  • Forgot Moonton account password.
  • Forgot Moonton account email.
  • Hacked Mooton Account.

How to Force Unbind Moonton Account

As for the process of removing the Moonton account, the method is not much different from when CHANGE EMAIL for Moonton accounts. But before that you need the following requirements:

  • user ID.
  • nickname.
  • Server used (behind the user ID information).

After all the data above is ready, now follow the steps below to unbind the Moonton account forcibly:

1. Run the Mobile Legends Application

Run the Mobile Legends Application

First, open the Mobile Legends application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

2. Go to Menu Profile – Account Settings

Go to Profile Menu Account Settings

After that tap the Profile menu in the upper left corner. Then select Account Settings at the very bottom.

3. Screenshot of Moonton Email Section

Screenshots of Moonton Email Section

Next, take a screenshot on the next screen and circle the email section as shown above.

4. Send Complaint Email

Send Complaint Email

Now exit and go to Gmail -> create new email (+). Bolt the complaint email with the format as above.

5. Open Inbox

Open Email Inbox 1

Not long after, Mobile Legends will send a reply email regarding the complaint. Open your inbox and click on the link listed in it.

6. Complete the Complaint Form

Complete the Complaint Form

After that you will be asked to complete a complaint form. Please complete the required data, starting from the reason for Unbind, uploading a screenshot of the email display, user ID to the server used. If you have clicked Submit.

Notes : After carrying out the procedures above, now you just have to wait for the complaint process to be followed up.

Benefits After Unbind Moonton Account

Benefits After Unbind Moonton Account

Then regarding the benefits of removing a Moonton account, we think all of you as ML players must know. So, this method has several benefits, including the following:

  • Securing Mobile Legends achievement data linked to Moonton’s account from hacking.
  • Solve the problem of forgetting passwords on Moonton accounts.
  • Restore hacked Moonton account.


Why Fail to Unbind Moonton Account?

It’s possible that the User or server ID you entered is incorrect.

How long does the Moonton account release process take?

This process may take 1 to 2 days.


So that’s the procedure for removing the Moonton account on Mobile Legends so that all achievement data in it is safe from Hackers. As explained above that the process applies when there is an indication of hacking on the Moonton account or forgetting the login data to the account.