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6 Ways to Create a Higgs Domino Password: Terms & Prizes

How to Create a Higgs Domino Password – Every Higgs Domino player is advised to create a password or password on his account. This is done to maintain account security to avoid all forms of account theft.

As we know, recently there have been many cases of Higgs Domino users suddenly losing their chips. This is none other than caused by an irresponsible person who logs in and uses the Chip in the account.

Therefore, every Higgs Domino player needs to activate a password so that not everyone can login to his account. However, to create a password on Higgs Domino, every player needs to meet certain terms and conditions.

So what are the terms and conditions and what are the steps for activating a password on Higgs Dominoes? Without further ado, just take a look at the full explanation below.

Terms of Activating Higgs Domino Password

As we mentioned above that creating a password is one form of increasing account security. In addition, to avoid cases of account theft, players can also link their HP and Email numbers to their Higgs Domino account.

Then specifically to activate a password on a Higgs Domino account, there are several terms and conditions that must be met, including the following:

1. Already Linked Mobile Number

The first requirement is that you have linked your cellphone number to your Higgs Domino account. For those who do not meet these requirements, please authorize the mobile number first through the Security Center menu.

2. Already Linked Email

The second condition is that password creation can only be done if the player has linked the Email to the Higgs Domino account. Just like the process of connecting a cellphone number, linking an email can also be done via the Higgs Domino Security Center menu.

3. Have an Internet Connection

Finally, to create a Higgs Domino password, make sure the smartphone you are using has an internet connection. If there is no connection, then the Higgs Domino application cannot be run.

How to Create a Higgs Domino Password

How to Create a Higgs Domino Password

After meeting all the requirements above, you can now continue to create a Higgs Domino password. Before that, please note that the following procedure for creating a password can be applied to the main account, visitor account or Facebook account.

As we know, every Higgs Domino player can have 3 accounts at once in 1 (one) Email. If all three accounts are active, then we recommend creating passwords for all of these accounts in the following manner:

1. Run the Higgs Domino App

Run the Higgs Dominoes App

First of all, please run the application Higgs Domino then log in as usual

2. Go to Options Menu

Go to Options Menu

After that you go to the menu Option (see top right corner)

3. Tap the Lock Icon

Tap the Padlock Icon

Then tap the icon Padlock on the menu option that appears

4. Choose Password

Choose Password

Then you click the menu Password

5. Create Higgs Domino Password

Create Higgs Dominoes Password

Now make a password use combination of numbers and letters with Minimum number of characters is 6 and maximum is 16 characters. If you have, click Define.

6. Successfully Create Higgs Domino Password

Successfully Create Higgs Dominoes Password

If a notification appears like the picture above, it means you’ve done it successfully created a password Higgs Dominoes account.

Higgs Domino Password Generating Prize

Higgs Domino Password Generating Prize

Until here, you already know what are the requirements and how to activate the Higgs Domino password. In addition, you also need to know that the method above offers several benefits for players, including:

1. Free Chips 1M

First, after successfully creating a password the players will get a prize of 1M worth of Chips. The reward is given free of charge by Higgs Domino. Furthermore, the chips obtained can be used as capital to play the Higgs Domino Slot.

2. Prevent Account Hacking

Second, by activating a password or password, the player’s account will be protected from account hacking. Because, of course, the password that is created is only known to the account owner, so when someone else wants to login, they will be stopped at the password request stage.

3. Recovering Hacked Accounts

However, if after creating the password, it turns out that the Higgs Domino account is still breaking, there is a possibility that the password information will be leaked. If it’s like that, other people who know this information can login to your Higgs Domino account aka Hack.

Well, if it has happened like that, you have to do how to restore the Hacked Higgs Domino account. This process will run smoothly when you have previously created a Higgs Domino password.


Junebe that’s all the information from on how to activate the Higgs Domino password. We remind you once again that to create a password, you must previously have linked your mobile number and email to Higgs Domino.

Later, after fulfilling the applicable terms and conditions, you just have to follow the method above to create a Higgs Domino password. If you have, you will get a prize in the form of 1M (1,000,000) Chips.