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6 Ways to Buy Muffler at Bussid: Type & Price List

How to Buy Muffler at Bussid – As a Bussid (Indonesian Bus Simulator) player, of course you already know that in this game there are features for modifying the vehicles you own. There are several accessory items that can be used.

Every Bussid player will get a free Bus vehicle when you first install the game. After that, players can collect money to buy a new Bus complete with various modification items needed, one of which is the Muffler.

Bussid itself offers several types of exhaust with different prices, depending on the sound produced. Well, through the following article, we will explain in full how to buy Muffler at Bussid.

What is the benefit or purpose of buying Muffler in this game? Can it affect the speed of the bus that is owned or have a good impact in other ways? Just find out the answer in the review below.

Bussid Exhaust Prices for All Types

Bussid or Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the most popular Android games lately. Through this game, players can feel the sensation of driving a bus from one point to another.

Interestingly again, players can also maximize the appearance of the bus they have using the Sinar Jaya Livery Bus, install roof luggage to replace the exhaust with a unique and cool sound of course.

Meanwhile, to buy Muffler at Bussid, the main requirement is that you have money. Meanwhile, to get money at Bussid, you can complete the Towing and Chasing Passengers missions when you are busy with Bussid.

Talking about the exhaust on Bussid, at the beginning of our discussion we mentioned that the exhaust items in this game have different types and prices. For more details, here we have prepared a table containing a list of Bussid exhaust prices:

Exhaust TypePrice
Exhaust 1Rp. 67,500
Exhaust 2Rp. 45,000
Exhaust 3Rp. 45,000
Exhaust 4Rp. 67,500

Please prepare a budget to buy one of the Bussid Exhausts above. In addition, to determine which exhaust option you want to use, you can do a sound test before making a purchase.

In addition to the several types of Mufflers that we present above, you can also get other types of Mufflers by pairing the MOD. One of the most popular Muffler MODs is the Wolf Muffler MOD.

How to Buy Muffler at Bussid

How to Buy Muffler at Bussid

After preparing the budget and determining the desired exhaust choice, now let’s move on to the tutorial on buying exhaust at Bussid. Before that, please note that buying Bussid exhaust is different from buying a bus or buying a driver at Bussid.

To purchase Muffler, you need to access the Garage menu. Later there will be a special menu that provides various modification items, including the exhaust. To be clear, please refer to the procedure for buying exhaust at Bussid below:

1. Open the Bussid Application

Open the Bussid Application

First of all, you open the Bussid game application.

2. Select the Garage Menu

Choose Garage Menu

After that enter the menu Garage on the main page

3. Select the Bus Icon

Select Bus Icon

Then tap the icon Bus (see image above)

4. Tap the Exhaust Area on the Bus

Tap the Exhaust Area on the Bus

Then tap the exhaust area on the Bus owned

5. Select the Exhaust Type

Select Exhaust Type

If you have, on the left will appear Bussid exhaust type selection list. Please choose according to your wishes and budget. After finding the option, press the button Basket

6. Payment Confirmation

Payment confirmation
2 Payment Confirmation

After that a payment page will appear, please select to Pay Full or use 30% discount by watching a 30 second ad. Then on the page Confirmation you click Buy to complete the purchase.

7. Successfully Purchased Muffler at Bussid

Successfully Purchased Bussid Exhaust

Until here you have succeed make an exhaust purchase transaction on Bus Simulator ID.

Benefits of Exhaust in Bus Simulator Indonesia

After listening to all the explanations above, maybe some of you are still wondering what are the functions or benefits of modifying the exhaust on Bussid. So, in addition to adding to the appearance of the bus to make it look cooler, the exhaust modification is also done for the following reasons:

  • The sound produced from the exhaust is unique and different from others
  • Purchasing exhaust can also be useful as an investment, because every Bussid update usually the price of the items in it will also go up
  • Maximize Bus speed


That’s the information from regarding the procedure for buying a new exhaust at Bussid. As we mentioned above, the main requirement for buying an exhaust is that you must have a minimum of Rp. 50,000.

In addition, we also mention several reasons as well as the benefits of purchasing Muffler at Bus Simulator Indonesia. Hopefully, the above reviews can add insight to those of you who are new to playing Bussid.