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6 Tips to Be Good at Playing PUBG Mobile ala Pro Player

One of the most popular battle royale games today is PUBG Mobile. This game made by Tencent has been downloaded more than 600 million times. This game is so popular because it began to be competed in eSports.

So it’s not surprising that every eSports team in the world, even in Indonesia, has a PUBG Mobile team. Examples such as BTR, RRQ, EVOS, AEROWOLF, AURA and so on. Well, for those of you who want to be good at playing PUBG Mobile like eSports teams or top players, you can try to follow these tips, okay?

1. Understand All Weapon Characteristics

The PUBG Mobile game has many types or categories of weapons. Examples include Shotgun, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun (SMG), Bolt-Action Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), to Sniper.

Well, so you can play like a top player you have to memorize all the characteristics of the weapon. Because by understanding the characteristics of weapons, you will find it easier to find weapons that are suitable for you to use.

2. Choosing the Right Landing Place

In addition to understanding weapons, you also have to choose the right landing place. So, before plunging you have to look at the map to determine a good landing point. Look for cities that can have a high loot rate, for example like Pochinki. In addition to the high loot rate, in Pochinki there are also many buildings.

That’s because the existing buildings are very influential, you will find it easier to hide, loot and of course it’s easier to face enemies at close range. Oh yes, don’t forget to also keep the speed down when landing so that it is not easily attacked by the enemy.

3. Smart Loot

Next you also have to be smart in looting. Why? Because looting is one of the important things in playing the PUBG Mobile game. The goal is that you can have the best weapons.

Speed ​​up your looting technique, because we can’t know the whereabouts of enemies that could suddenly appear. Oh yes, don’t forget to carefully choose the items you take.

Don’t take useless things. Choose useful items such as First Aid Kit, Bullets, Med Kit, Bandage and Energy Drink.

4. Monitor Enemy Movements Well

Then you also have to monitor the enemy’s movements well. Therefore, when playing PUBG Mobile you are advised to use a headset. Because by using a headset you can hear the steps of the enemy around you.

So that it is easier for you to monitor enemy movements and tracks. Oh yes, to monitor enemy movements from afar, you need to use a scope. So make sure the scope you use is more than 1 just in case.

You also need to pay attention to the mini map and the direction of the incoming attack. That way, you can know where the enemy is and can avoid or directly face them.

5. Don’t Just Be Silent and Keep Calm

The next tip, don’t be silent while playing PUBG Mobile. Because when playing PUBG Mobile you have to keep moving looking for enemies. So don’t just focus on running or avoiding enemies. In addition, you have to be aware of the circumstances around you!

But don’t forget to stay calm while playing. Because if you play in a panic, you will be confused about how to deal with the enemy. So the enemy can easily finish you off.

6. Make sure you’ve updated the PUBG Mobile game

The last tip is to make sure you have updated the PUBG Mobile game. Why? Because the PUBG Mobile game is now 70% smaller, so it can be played on smartphones with low specs.

The file size of this PUBG Mobile game is only around 610MB and it is one of the battle royale games with the smallest file size ever. Well, by doing this update, you will play with smoother gameplay.

Not only that, PUBG Mobile game developers have also optimized this game so that there is a 10% reduction in lag. With this latest update, it is guaranteed to make you play PUBG Mobile games even better.

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