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6 Things A Hero Must Have To Be The First Choice In Every Match

Every player always wants to have a good Hero so they can easily win. Every Hero in Mobile Legends already has their own expertise with their own characteristics. Even some of them become a bone of contention for the players because of the Hero’s superiority. Then what do you think are the must-haves to make the Hero the first choice in every Match? Whether with high damage or defense. Here are 6 things that a hero must have in order to be the main choice in every match.

1. Have CC Skills

Source: Youtube

One of the things that makes Hero Mobile Legends often used is because of the Skill. Especially Hero Skills that have CC or Crowd Control effects, are types of Skills that give negative effects to their opponents such as Stun, Silence, Slow, Freeze, Knock etc. Examples of Heroes who have the best CC Skills such as Martis, Akai, Tigreal, Aurora, and Chou.

2. Have Blink Skills

Then next is the Hero who has agile skills thanks to the Blink type Skill. Heroes of this type are usually very difficult to catch because they are quite difficult to catch. Almost every Hero is required to have a Blink Skill in order to get the Meta. In this case, for example Harley, Kagura, Lancelot, and Chou.

3. Level Difficulty Which Tall

The higher the difficulty level of the Hero, the more powerful the Hero is. Most Heroes that have a high level of difficulty will always be used by Pro Players because they have their own challenges. Even though it has a high level of difficulty, in fact many players often use this type of hero so that it becomes the main choice in Match. If the Player succeeds in mastering this type of Hero, it will definitely bring victory to his team. Examples of this type of hero are Fanny, Hayabusa, Gusion, Kagura, and Karrie.

4. Over Power

Furthermore, the thing that the Hero must have in order to be the main choice in the Match is Over Power. This type of hero will usually be the winner for his team because it has a large damage. Even though it has great damage, it has to sacrifice its own defense. Therefore, this type of hero is always the main target for his opponent. Examples of heroes of this type are Aldous, Lancelot, Helcurt and all types of Hero Marksman.

5. Have Yang Skill Unique

Having a unique Skill is the hallmark of the Hero. Because of its uniqueness, many players like to use it. Not only to play around but also to win in Match. Examples of heroes who have unique skills are Jawhead, Johnson, Helcurt, Franco, Grock.

6. Type Marksman or Assassin

The fact or not Hero with the role of Marksman or Assassin is usually always the main choice in Rank. Not only that, every time Moonton releases a Hero with the role of Marksman or Assassin, it always sells. Even the fact that all Marksman and Assassin type heroes are always the players’ top choice. For example the case of Hero Lesley, Helcurt, Lancelot, Gusion, Claude, and Hanabi.