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6 Strongest Assassin Heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends – Assassin is one type of hero role choice that can be taken by players from the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game created by the Moontoon studio from China, which now likes to be played by many people in the country.

As the name suggests, the Assassin role is a row of heroes who have special abilities or specialists in killing enemies with high mobility movements and fast and painful attacks.

In addition, assassins can also be called a nightmare for the enemy team if they are caught red-handed with their lives dying when competing in the game.

Immediately, here are the strongest Assassin heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends:

1. Selena


Selena is one of the strongest assassin heroes and is effectively played dynamically. Like being a roamer, side liner, jungler, or mid liner according to the player’s playing style.

His skill is capable of producing enormous damage per second coupled with buffs and passives that make him even more deadly.

If she manages to use it correctly, Selena will become one of the heroes with the most powerful attack power in battle.