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6 Reasons Why Free Fire (FF) Is Crowded Playing

The Battle Royale genre game is now very interesting for many people. Not only adults, but also children or can be called bocil also play games with the same genre. The battle royale game is currently the most crowded and many are playing, namely Free Fire (FF).

Free Fire is a battle royale game made by Garena that has been released since 2022. Until now there have been millions of players who play the game. Well, this time Dafunda Game will discuss several reasons why Free Fire is busy playing.

6 Reasons Why Free Fire (FF) Is Crowded Playing

1. Many Free Events

Events FF
FF Events | Pinterest

The first reason why FF or Free Fire are busy playing is because there are many free events. Garena always provides an event that contains various kinds of attractive prizes that can be obtained for free. Therefore, this game is played a lot, especially by children.

2. Support Potato HP

Hp Potato Playing Ff
Hp Potato Playing FF | smart

If this one reason seems the most reasonable and appropriate. Why are there so many people playing Free Fire? Because this game almost supports all Android phones, especially potato phones. So from there, this game can gain a lot of players even to the level of small children or elementary school children.

3. Many Unique and Interesting Characters

ff character
FF Characters | Pinterest

If in other battle royale games we will only get one character. However, in Free Fire we can choose many characters to play.

In this game there are many unique and interesting characters, complete with various skills they have. This third reason also makes FF now busy and many are playing.

4. Very Easy to Play

Game play
FF Gameplay | Pinterest

The reason why the fourth Free Fire is busy is that this game is very easy to play. Everyone including ordinary people will find it easy to play this game.

The buttons available are easy to control and pleasant to the touch. If you don’t feel comfortable with the default button layout, you can also adjust the layout as you wish.

5. Game Size Is Not Big

Ff Ram Play
Light Size | Pinterest

Mostly when talking about the Battle Royale genre, of course the size of the game will look very large, because it contains various elements. But not for FF, what makes FF busy playing is the small size. To download FF itself, you only need about 500MB of storage.

6. Cool Skins

Ff Ram Play 1
FF Skins | Garena

In its development, Garena always releases a unique and cool skin or bundle every month. Be it a weapon skin or a costume skin. Of course, this does not make players bored with the appearance of weapons and character costumes that are just that.

Well, those are some of the reasons why Free Fire (FF) is busy playing. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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