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6 Best PC & Android Offline Adventure Games 2022

Adventure games are one of the most popular games for many people to play. From games for kids to adults, the adventure genre is always available online and offline. You can play this genre of games on both your PC and your cellphone.

There are many adventure genre games that are quite popular and many are downloaded so that they can be played offline. The game is sometimes addictive because it is so exciting. Here, Buddygame, gives you a list of the best offline adventure games in 2022. Read: Best PC Games 2022.

List of Best PC Adventure Offline Games

One of the best PC adventure offline games is widely spread on the internet. However, there are also some that are not free because you have to buy a certain license. Here’s a list of the following 3 best PC adventure offline games.

1. Adventure Game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher offline adventure game

Being one of the best adventure offline games is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This game is an action-adventure role-playing game played from a third-person perspective. Players will take on the role of Geralt from Rivia or in the game a monster hunter known as the Witcher or wizard. Buddy will be able to walk, run, throw, dodge and also jump, climb and swim.

Players will also be equipped with various weapons such as bombs, arrows, steel swords and silver swords. Buddy will adventure in a world that is very wide to pass through the city of commerce, pirate islands, dangerous mountains and hidden caves. The challenge is that players will fight with various enemies and mythical creatures that are very powerful. Battles take place using swords, but characters also have fire magic abilities that can burn opponents to ashes.

2. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

offline adventure game the walking dead final season

Who does not know the series The Walking Dead? It turns out that the series inspired the creation of a game with the same title based on the story from the series. For friends, fans of The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the right game.

An offline adventure game that will make players feel to survive the zombies in the game along with several other survivors who are looking for a way to survive the plague. However, different from standard zombie games in general, this The Walking Dead game focuses on the plot and the choices you make to determine the continuation of the story.

3. Detroit Adventure Game: Become Human

detroit become human offline adventure game

Taking a setting in the future where there are sophisticated robots that can be traded to help human work, this game will play three different perspectives of Android robots.
First, Connor, who is a police robot tasked with cracking down on other robots that deviate from their duties. Then Kara, who is a female robot who works as a housemaid in a chaotic family. Lastly, Markus is a male robot owned by an old artist to care for him in his old age.

Carrying the action adventure-interactive story genre, which is similar to The Walking Dead series, the game focuses more on storylines, choices, and morals. As an interactive game, this game does not only provide one story line and one ending. In one chapter, my friend can find several paths that can be taken, which will have a further significant impact on the continuation of the story and also the ending that will be obtained. Read: Detroit Become Human Game Review.

List of Best Android Adventure Offline Games

Next up are the best Android adventure offline games that are fun to play. After the best PC offline adventure game, this time Buddygame will discuss the Android version. The Android version is usually more diverse and no less exciting for sure. Read: Best Android Mobile Games 2022.

1. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

assassins creed pirates offline adventure game

One that is included in the list of offline Android adventure games is from the well-known PC game, Assassin’s Creed, to be more precise, Assassin’s Creed Pirates. The main mission in this game is for you to take on the role of Alonzo Batilla, an ambitious young pirate captain whose hobby is breaking the rules, challenging other kingdoms and collecting gold. As a player you are required to build your own ship and crew, explore the Caribbean coast and fight all the enemies that exist.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition

minecraft offline adventure game

It seems no one can deny that Minecraft is one of the best offline adventure games on Android right now. In this game, friends can build houses, dig mines, destroy buildings, and various other activities at will. This game does not have a story so it is perfect for those of you who like open world type games. That way, you can create your own story in a game that carries this old graphic.

Minecraft, which has been successful on PC devices, has now been developed for Android and iOS devices. There is a creative mode that allows you to play with unlimited resources or mine as much as you can in survival mode.

3. Another World Adventure Game

another world offline adventure game

Another World is an old game that was first released in 1990. As the times progressed, this game has also returned to Android devices. However, unfortunately for those of you who want to play games and want to reminisce, you have to spend Rp. 58,000 first. Buddy will later play as a physics researcher who accidentally transfers himself to another world. The world that he visited later there were many mysteries that had to be solved so that you could also meet terrible creatures.