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50+ Cool FF Words and Quotes Commonly Used by Free Fire Kids

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena since 2022. Although it is often a joke, it turns out that in the Free Fire game there are also words and quotes that are quite useful for our lives.

Well, this time Dafunda Game will provide some of the newest FF words and quotes for all of you. Want to know how it was discussed? So read this article to the end.

The Coolest Free Fire Words and Quotes

free fire words
Free Fire | Garena

FF Quotes Never Give Up

Mabar may, worship should not be missed

“Distance can separate us, but parties can always unite us

“Life is like a safe zone, you have to keep moving or get eliminated”

“Learn from the Free Fire game, not who came first. But who survives last? by @Taopik_pay.

“This game taught me that to be number one is to keep trying and never give up in the face of all trials.”

When when alone only this game can make me happy”

“Love your PUBG, without insulting my Free Fire.”

“Because of this game we never know what drunkenness, gambling, infidelity, and other bad things are. we just focus on our game.”

“The pain of breaking up with a girlfriend is more painful to death by Landmine.”

“PDKT should not be like the GTA game, the code will only be sensitive. It should be like the Free Fire game, meet and shoot,” by @Taopik_pay.

Let alone the enemy, just friends if there is a red barrel like to betray.”

“Has a tough skin in battle but I don’t need it.
Because skill is what proves a Free Fire victory !!
And we don’t like wasting too much time on 1 battle.”

Free Fire (FF) Words

“Enjoying happiness doesn’t have to be with a boyfriend. Just Booyah with friends is already happy,” by @Taopik_Pay.

“Level is just a number, rank is just a display, but a skill that proves everything.”

“Because of Free Fire, I can shoot without fear of being rejected.
And hit without being afraid of being crushed by the residents.”

“Because of this game I forgot to tell my girlfriend, care about my boyfriend and the worst thing is because of this game.”
“I forgot that I don’t actually have a boyfriend. “

In humiliated because the player is free? Don’t worry bro! There will be a time when free players become player sultans!”

“We are free FF players, you are really poor in skills. But we still have skills than many skins don’t have skills.”

“It’s not that I can’t afford to install big games, because I know happiness doesn’t have to be luxurious!!”

“Why do I like the Free Fire game? Because I only shoot Free Fire, I never get rejected,” by PayGaming.

“Don’t judge someone by appearance, remember! in the Free Fire game appearance is just fun and skill is the most important.”

“We are FF, not PUBG, we are fighting, not hiding. Our characters are many, not two. Tell your PUBG your Chicken Dinner isn’t as good as my Booyah.”

“From the Free Fire game, we are trained to kill enemies. However, we are also trained to protect our own comrades.”

“Our game is not as HD and as big as your PUBG MB.
but we realize that being happy doesn’t have to be luxurious and expensive.”

“If someone asks why not at the weekend?
“Sorry, I’m busy ranking”

“Tell Dilan, what’s hard is not longing. But Solo versus Squad.”

Cool Free Fire (FF) Quotes

“I’m willing to go down in rank, to teach you to play Free Fire. Just so you know, playing games is more fun than playing with feelings.”

“Games are my hobby and you are my priority.
“So don’t be jealous of the game, be jealous when I approach the new one. “

“It may be the distance that separates us, but the game that unites us.”

“I’m not like a shotgun that stands guard against you at close range. But I’m like AWM monitoring and guarding you remotely.” by @Taopik_Pay.

From minus I learned not everything less is bad.
Because he can be an encouragement to keep going.
“No kill no party, minus playing again”

“In Free Fire, whoever survives is the winner. Likewise with love, who can survive then he has the right to have it.”

“If Bermuda has Mill and Pulgatory has Brasilia, then at least I have you to fill my heart,” by HitzPlay-Mz.

“The comfort zone will be shrinking soon, better go and be self aware. Or silenced, hurt, and eliminated.”

“I’m not as cool as Andrew and not as handsome as Maxim. But I assure you that my love exceeds the extent of Brazil.”

“If your partner rarely gives news.
don’t worry at least he’s still cool mabar.”

Let me love you without having to delete my Free Fire

Well, that’s the discussion about Free Fire (FF) words and quotes. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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