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5 Ways to Show FPS on Steam PCs & Laptops 2022

As a Steam user, we think you should know how to display FPS in Steam games. This process is of course important for convenience when playing games on Steam.

For those who don’t know, Steam is a computer software that provides a variety of games. Steam itself is able to run and display FPS data from the game being played.

Well, through the following article we will explain in full the steps for displaying FPS on Steam. So what are the benefits of this process? does it need a supporting device?

So, to display this data you don’t need any supporting devices. Well, for how to do it, we have prepared in the review below.

What is FPS?

What is FPS

Before getting into the core of the discussion, let’s explain a little about what FPS is. So, FPS stands for Frame Data per Second. The data will show the ability of a device to run games on Steam. The higher the FPS, the smoother the game will appear on the screen.

How to Find FPS Data on Steam Games

As per our promise above that we have prepared a complete procedure for displaying FPS games on Steam. This process doesn’t require any tools at all, but just follow the steps below:

1. Run Steam on PC/Laptop

Run Steam on PC or Laptop

On the Home page please click the tab Steam then select Settings.

2. Choose In-Game

Select In Game

After entering the Settings menu, the next step is to click In-Game. Later, several menus will appear additional settings on the right.

3. Select In Game FPS Counter

Select In Game FPS Counter

Check the little box at the top, then scroll down and select the icon Dropdown on column In Game FPS Counter.

4. Define FPS Display Position

Determine FPS Display Position

Next determine position FPS on Steam. Options available Top Left, Top Right, Button Right as well as Button Left.

5. Save Settings

Save Settings

Finally, click OK in the lower right corner to save the settings. Now try to run the game on Steam, then the FPS data from the game will appear on the monitor.

Benefits of Displaying FPS Game

Benefits of Displaying FPS Game

After successfully displaying FPS, then what benefits will be obtained? Well, here are a few benefits offered when knowing FPS games on Steam:

  • Can monitor the performance of the device used.
  • Anticipating the occurrence of Overheat pad PC / Laptop.
  • As a reference whether the equipment used is adequate or not.


Is it necessary to have an internet connection to display FPS games on Steam?

Depending on the game being played, if only Online mode is available then you need an internet connection.

Is Steam Software Paid?

Not. You can download Steam for free through the official website.


So that’s the way to show FPS games on Steam, easy isn’t it? Then, as presented above, this method is useful for knowing the device’s ability to display the frame rate every second. Well, when playing games via Steam, the method above can be used to display FPS on all STEAM GAMES.