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5 Ways to Enable Bluetooth on Laptops and Computers

Bluetooth is a means of privately connecting networks between various devices in close proximity. Usually bluetooth is used for the process of transferring data from one computer to another device to device other.

Currently, Bluetooth has entered the 5th generation. While bluetooth is still popular and widely used is Bluetooth 4.0 or fourth generation. Because of this practical bluetooth function, many people use bluetooth for data transfer instead of having to use a cable.

One of the processes of transferring data is usually from a laptop or to a computer or smartphone or vice versa. However, not many know how to activate bluetooth on a laptop or computer device, maybe including you. That’s why you came to this article to know how to turn on or activate bluetooth.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Laptop

If previously Cari signal explained how to activate wifi on a laptop, this time Cari signal will provide an explanation on how to activate bluetooth on a laptop. How to?

Simply by doing the following five steps easily, bluetooth will be active and can be used. Here are 5 ways to activate bluetooth on laptops and computers.

1. Using Fn Key + Bluetooth Icon


In general, a laptop has Bluetooth that is already available built-in. For this type of laptop, the way to activate it is by pressing the Fn key plus one of the keys from F1 to F12.

The way to find out is to look at the bluetooth icon that is plastered on one of the keys from F1 to F12. Given that each brand of laptop is different, so make sure there is one key from F1 to F12 that has a bluetooth icon.

If you have found it, for example on your laptop the bluetooth icon is on F4. So to activate bluetooth is to press the Fn + F4 keys. If it is correct, a bluetooth icon will appear on the system trays, i.e. part taskbar far right. The appearance of the bluetooth icon indicates that bluetooth has started to be used.

2. Activate in the Settings Bagian

how to activate bluetooth

You can also turn on Bluetooth and connect with other Bluetooth devices by enabling it in the section Settings. You can follow the following steps.

  • Select the Windows menu. Then go to section Settings. You can also write in the search “Settings” or directly write “Bluetooth” for a faster way.
how to activate bluetooth
  • After that select the option Devices.
how to activate bluetooth
  • It will appear as shown below. In section Bluetooth & other devices, there is a button to turn on Bluetooth from off to on. Slide this switch to turn on Bluetooth. Look at the image below.
how to activate bluetooth
  • Once turned on, you can connect the Bluetooth device with your laptop or desktop computer. You need to “pair” it first. If you have “paired”, in the future you just need to connect the two devices.
how to activate bluetooth
  • For example as in the image above. The AM61 device is a connected audio device. You just choose an option Connect to connect the Bluetooth device with your computer or laptop.
  • You can also add unconnected Bluetooth devices by selecting the top option, namely Add Bluetooth or other device

3. Using Device Manager.

bluetooth device manager

Another easy way to activate Bluetooth is to activate it through the device manager. The method is quite easy. You just open the device manager. And look at the device manager section.

If there is bluetooth but it is not active, you can simply right-click, then select “enable” to activate it. While the option “disable” is to disable it.

4. Install Bluetooth Driver

install bluetooth drivers

If when you turn on bluetooth, either using the Fn button or using a bluetooth USB dongle, it can’t be used, then there is a possibility that the operating system on your laptop has not installed the bluetooth driver.

To run bluetooth, then first install the bluetooth driver. Installation can be done by bringing the default driver cd. If you don’t have it, you can download the bluetooth driver on the internet that matches the type with bluetooth built-in or your usb dongle.

5. Using a Bluetooth USB Dongle

usb dongle bluetooth

Not all laptops have bluetooth built-in. If your laptop doesn’t support bluetooth and there is no icon on any of the keys from F1 to F12, then you need to set up bluetooth in another way. The easiest way to install bluetooth on a laptop that doesn’t have bluetooth is to use it USB Bluetooth dongle.

As the name implies, bluetooth USB Dongle plugged in on the USB port on the laptop. This form of bluetooth is similar to a flash but has an antenna receivers. You just plug it into a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer to activate bluetooth.

That was the explanation about how to install bluetooth on a laptop. I hope this helps. Oh well, for those of you who don’t know, Bluetooth is not just for transferring data from one device to another. There are other benefits of Bluetooth that some of you may not know about. Here are other benefits of bluetooth.

Other Benefits of Bluetooth

After knowing about how to activate Bluetooth, then let’s find out what the benefits of Bluetooth are. Check out the explanation below!

1. Connect to the printer

5 Ways to Enable Bluetooth on Laptops and Computers 10

Today’s printers or printers can generally carry out their functions without using a cable to a computer or laptop. Printers that support this feature are wireless printers, aka wireless printers. This wireless printer is a solution for those of you who need a practical and easy-to-use printer.

The way to connect to a wireless printer is to use bluetooth. For example, if you want to print photos or documents, you don’t need to transfer the data to a computer. Just connect the bluetooth on the cellphone with the bluetooth on the printer. This method is certainly more practical and easier. No more hard storiesprint because the print cable is damaged or not connected properly.

2. Using a wireless mouse and keyboard

wireless keyboard

Bluetooth can also function to connect a mouse and printer wirelessly. The use of this wireless mouse and keyboard generally uses a Bluetooth USB dongle to connect. So the USB dongle is plugged into a laptop or computer USB port to connect to a wireless keyboard or mouse.

The use of a wireless mouse and keyboard is certainly more practical. You can even navigate the computer from a greater distance. Unlike cables whose use is limited based on the length of the mouse or keyboard cable. And no more stories about the mouse or keyboard can’t be used just because the cable is broken.

3. Connect to wireless speakers or headsets

wireless headset

The problem that often arises when using a headset or earphone is a twisted cable. Another problem also arises when using a headset on the go because the cable could be pulled caused by our movement as users.

Problems that are not much different occur in the speakers. Some of you may want to install the speakers far from the sound source, but because of the short cable distance, this is not possible.

The presence of bluetooth on audio devices answers these problems. Using a bluetooth headset solves the problem of twisted cables and free movement when listening to songs on the go. Bluetooth speakers answer the problem of positioning the speaker which can be further away from the sound source.

Because of this, bluetooth’s function as a voice anchor is one of the best things in the world of audio technology.

4. Serves As Hotspot

bluetooth wireless

Not many people know that Bluetooth has other functions that are not only an introduction to data and connecting two devices. Bluetooth also has a function as a modem to connect to the internet.

This function is commonly found on smartphone devices. Those of you who are curious about this function can turn it on in the “Tethering” section. Usually there are 3 options in this section namely; USB Tethering, Wifi Hostspot, and Bluetooth Thetering. Turn on or turn on bluetooth thetering on your cellphone then connect another device to your cellphone to connect to the internet.

5. Connect with Projector

bluetooth projector

The latest projectors also have wireless technology. No need to bother with connecting cables between the projector and laptop for just watching movies or presentation needs. Just turn on the bluetooth wireless function on the printer to connect easily with various devices.

Those of you who often make presentations or like to watch movies through a projector will be helped by the presence of this type of wireless projector.

Thus the explanation of how to activate bluetooth on a computer or laptop and various other benefits of bluetooth. Hopefully this article helps you and increases your knowledge about bluetooth and its use.