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5 Ways to Do a Salto Kick in PES Mobile 100% Successful!

How to do a Salto Kick in PES Mobile – As a PES Mobile User, of course, you have played against other users online. Well, if you meet a Pro Player or someone with a high rating, they usually score goals by way of an overhead kick.

Seeing action like that, of course you also want to be able to do some overhead kicks in PES Mobile. It is undeniable that the Acrobatic Finishing in this way is indeed very cool and can make the opponent’s mentality become Down.

Actually, anyone can do the somersault kick trick in PES Mobile, even Amateur Users. So there is a special way to create those cool kicks in PES Mobile matches.

But for this method to work, you need to pay attention to several things, especially the skills of the players that will be used to perform acrobatic kicks. Alright, so that it’s clearer, just take a look at the full discussion about the steps for creating a bicycle kick in PES Mobile below.

Requirements for Acrobatic Kicks in PES Mobile

In the PES Mobile game, there are indeed a lot of shooting tricks or shots at the goal that can be done, ranging from the Plessing kick trick, Knuckle Shoot to the somersault kick trick.

Especially for overhead kicks or acrobatic kicks, they are rarely encountered, therefore, if a user succeeds in doing it, it will surely amaze his opponent. Well, actually kicks like that can be learned.

Here we will explain how to produce acrobatic kicks in PES Mobile. But before that, you need to pay attention to the following things so that the overhead kick can be successfully carried out:

  • The player who will take the overhead kick must have a free shooting space
  • Power or the power of the kick issued must be appropriate (not too hard and not too weak)
  • The distance between the player and the opponent’s goal must not be too far (at least in the opponent’s penalty box)
  • The feeder must have a bait skill (short and long distance) above 90

How to do a Salto Kick in PES Mobile

How to do a Salto Kick in PES Mobile

After listening to some of the requirements for creating acrobatic kicks, then we move on to the main discussion of this article, which is how to do some overhead kicks in PES Mobile. Before that, please note that this trick can be done from corner kicks, Crossing passes or Panenka passes from teammates.

Therefore, in the following, we have prepared a complete tutorial for completing acrobatic finishes against the opponent’s goal through corner kicks, crosses and Panenka passes:

1. Salto Kick From Corner Kick

  • First aim the kick right into the opponent’s Penalty box. Or you can slide it up to the Corner flag with a field line of approximately 90 degrees
  • After that release the kick with a Power of approximately 50-70%
  • Then press the Shoot button and swipe down with 50% power so that the player who receives the pass takes an overhead kick and scores a goal

2. Salto Kick From Crossing Bait

  • Use the winger to run from the side of the field to the opponent’s defense area by pressing the Dash / Run button while sliding the analog to the right or left according to the goal
  • After that press the Feed / Pass button with about 60% power while sliding towards the opponent’s Penalty box
  • Surely in the opponent’s penalty box there are already free-standing teammates
  • Before the bait ball reaches the target, immediately press the Shoot button + down with 50% power so that the player does Acrobatic Finishing

3. Salto Kick From Bait Harvest

  • Make an attack on the opponent’s defense area through the middle area
  • Then the player who is carrying the ball will be tasked with providing feedback to the target player who is in the opponent’s penalty box
  • After that do a Panenka bait to the target player by pressing the Bait button while sliding up with about 70% power
  • Then the target player can do a balance kick by pressing the Shoot button + slide down with a kick power of about 50% (depending on the distance)
  • Also pay attention to the conditions around the target player, if the player is being pressed by the opposing defender, you should not do this trick, because it will most likely not work

Which PES Mobile Players Can Do a Salto Kick?

Until here, you already know how to do a bicycle kick in PES Mobile. Meanwhile, some of you may still be wondering, can all players in PES Mobile be able to do this kick?

Yes, so we need to inform you that not all PES Mobile players, especially those who act as attackers, can do the above method. To create an overhead kick you need a player with a special skill called Acrobatic Finishing.

As a recommendation, here are some PES Mobile players who have Acrobatic Finishing skills and can do the above kicks, including:

  • C. Ronaldo
  • L. Messi
  • K. Mbappe
  • Neymar Jr
  • Ibrahimovic
  • R. Lewandowski
  • L. Suarez
  • A. Griezman
  • D. Maradona
  • P. Coutinho
  • M. Depay
  • S. Aguero
  • E. Cavani
  • And many others

If in your PES Mobile Squad there is one of the players above, then you can do the method we have described to create a bicycle kick in PES Mobile.


That’s the explanation from about how to do some overhead kicks in PES Mobile. Hopefully the discussion this time can help you create cool goals when playing PES Mobile Friend Matches or participating in Matchday events on PES Mobile.