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5 Ways to Buy the Latest Permanent Mobile Legend Recall Effect 2022

How to Buy Mobile Legend Recall Effect – For every player of the Mobile Legend game, of course, not only wants the best game every time they play the game, there are many users of Game ML (Mobile Legenda) who have a recall effect that has been provided. It’s just that to get it is not easy and you even have to buy it using Diamonds which is the currency in the online game.

It’s just that how to buy the Mobile Legend recall effect, not all players can do or get it, the article has several requirements that must be completed first and there are also things that cannot be used in buying the item. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know in detail beforehand, so that when you are going to buy a recall effect, you are no longer confused about what steps to take first.

With the recall effect skin in Mobile Legend, it certainly presents a different impression from the others, even more so if each player uses the strongest hero and previously it has also been explained who the strongest and capable heroes are to rely on. Because many users of the online game are curious about how to buy a recall skin, then at this very good meeting we would like to inform you all about it, so please read this article to the end.

If you are one of the players from Mobile Legend and happen to have a large number of Diamonds, then there is a desire to buy the recal effect, but the problem is not knowing what and where to buy it. If you are still confused about how? This time wants to inform you how to do it, well, without further ado, please refer to the direct review on how to buy the Mobile Legend recall effect, which has been prepared as below.

How to Buy Mobile Legend Recall Effect

Well, without needing to linger here, we will tell you directly how to buy the Mobile Legend recall effect for all players from the game, but before that make sure you have more than enough Diamonds and there is an event going on. If you are curious about everything, please refer to the reviews that have been prepared as below.

1. Open Mobile Legend

1 Open the Mobile Legend Game

The first step to do is to open the application first via your respective HP device, but before that make sure it is also connected to a smooth internet connection.

2. Select the Shop Menu

2 Select the Shop Menu

When you have successfully entered the main view or Loby, the next step is to just continue selecting the Shop menu in the upper left corner.

3. Click Menu Recalling Effect Lucky Bundle

3 Click Menu Recalling Effect Lucky Bundle

After that, continue to select the Effects menu in Battle and then continue by clicking the Recall Effects menu as shown in the guide above.

4. Select the Recall Effect Bundle

4 Select the Recall Effect Bundle

Later, there will be several recall item options available, please just check one by one to see them and after that, just choose what you want.

5. Tap Gacha

5 Ways to Buy Mobile Legend Recall Effect

Then the last step, please directly gacha the item that has been selected, please do it until the desired recall effect has been obtained. But here we suggest doing gacha manually, not max auto spin.

How to Top Up Diamonds

As additional information for all of you, at this meeting we will inform you how to buy Mobile Legend diamonds, this is just an addition, who doesn’t know how. Alright, to shorten the time, please refer to the reviews that have been prepared as below.

  1. Open the browser on your smartphone.
  2. After that, visit the official Unipin website at the following link:
  3. On the main screen, please select Sign in for those who already have an account.
  4. For those of you who haven’t yet, you can register by selecting the Register menu.
  5. After that follow the next instructions to complete the registration process.
  6. If so, select the Profile menu -> Flash Top Up.
  7. Select Mobile Legend in the list that has been shown on the screen.
  8. Then enter the Mobile Legend ID and the number of Diamonds you will buy.
  9. Select the payment method as desired. For example, we will pay via OVO.
  10. Then tap Submit to proceed to the next process.
  11. Enter the mobile number linked to your OVO account then select Checkout at Ovo App.
  12. Soon you will receive a notification containing a payment request in the OVO application.
  13. Tap the notification and select Pay.
  14. Enter your OVO PIN number.
  15. The Mobile Legend diamond refill process via Unipin has been successful.

Terms in Mobile Legend

For those of you, beginners, it is obligatory to know some of the terms in the game, that will make it easier. If you are curious about everything, you can see directly as follows.

1. AFK

AFK stands for Away From Keyboard which means leaving the game while it is in progress. This activity is hated by Mobile Legend players

2. Cool Down

Furthermore, there is a CD or Cool Down in Mobile Legend. This title is the duration for the unique skill refill process for each Mobile Legend character.

3. Damage Per Second

This term is used to display the statistics of damage generated per second of the character used.

4. Balance

Balance is a term for an unbalanced squad. That is, in a squad there are pro and noob players.

5. GG

As the name implies, usually pinned by players who have good abilities.

6. KDA

KDA stands for Kill Death Assist. This designation applies to the total value of each player’s game statistics from the number of kills obtained.

7. Mabar

The word Mabar is very familiar to every Mobile Legend player. Mabar itself means playing together, either remotely or gathered in one place.

8. Mid

The term Mid refers to one of the lines in the middle of the MAP in the Mobile Legend game.

9. Nob

In short, Nob is the name given to new players in Mobile Legend.

10. OP

OP or Over Power is a word given to a character with above average skill or damage.


If you look at the explanation above, it can be concluded that the method itself is fairly easy, just prepare Diamonds, which is more than enough, if it is still not enough, you can top up first. However, here we strongly recommend when buying recall effects, it is better when there is an ongoing event because the price is clearly cheaper.

So, that was the complete discussion on how to buy the Mobile Legend recall effect accompanied by how to fill in diamonds and the benefits that can convey. Hopefully, with an explanation like the one above, it can help all players who are in need of complete information as described above.