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5 Ways to Buy a Driver at Bussid 2022: Price & How to Use

How to Buy a Driver at Bussid – Bus Simulator Indonesia or Bussid is one of the best Simulator games on Android today. There are many interesting features that are guaranteed to maximize your fun when playing the Bussid game.

Bus Simulator Indonesia also presents gameplay that is so realistic, that each player can change the Bus Driver used. It’s just that if you want to do this the players have to buy a driver at Bussid first.

For new players, they may not know how to buy a driver at Bussid. Therefore, through the following article, we will explain how to make this transaction. So, make sure you read this article to the end.

Not only that, you can also listen to information about the price or budget needed to buy a driver at Bussid. Well, instead of being curious, just take a look at the full discussion below.

Driver Prices in Bus Simulator Indonesia

Driver Prices in Bus Simulator Indonesia

As a Bussid player, you certainly know that to buy an item at Bussid you must have money. Meanwhile, the money can be obtained by pulling or following the Game Mode during Mabar Bussid.

Later, the money that has been collected can be used to make transactions at Bussid, one of which is to buy a new driver. Each driver in Bus Simulator Indonesia has different specifications.

The better the specifications, the more expensive the price offered. For information, here we have prepared a price list for the driver at Bus Simulator Indonesia:

Driver NamePrice
MulyonoRp. 500,000
GilangRp. 1,500,000
womenRp. 2,000,000

That’s the price list for Bussid Drivers based on their skills or abilities in driving buses and other vehicles. The higher the price, the more proficient your driving skills will be.

How to Buy a Driver at Bussid

How to Buy a Driver at Bussid

Now we proceed to the procedure for buying a driver at Bussid to ride a bus. Or for those of you who might use the Hino Truck MOD, Pajero Car MOD and other types of vehicles you have. Before that, we need to emphasize that to buy a driver, make sure you have enough money.

Above we have presented the price table for the Indonesian Bus Simulator Driver. Through this table, you can choose which driver to buy according to your budget. If you have made your choice, now follow the procedure for buying the following Indonesian Bus Simulator Driver:

1. Open the Indonesian Bus Simulator Application

Open the Indonesian Bus Simulator Application

The first step, please open the Bus Simulator Indonesia game application

2. Enter the Driver Menu

Enter the Driver Menu

Then on your main page go to the menu Driver

3. Determine the Driver

Determine Driver

Then you will see several available driver options. Please specify the desired driver

4. Click Hire

Click Hire

If so, click the button Hire to buy the Driver. Make sure you have enough money to buy the selected driver

5. Successfully Purchased a Driver

Successfully Purchased a Driver

Until here, the transaction for purchasing a new driver at Bussid has been succeed

How to Use a New Driver at Bussid

Meanwhile, after the new driver has been successfully purchased, how do you use it? So, to use a driver on Bussid, you only need to go to the list of drivers you have and then select the driver that will be used.

Or if it’s the latest driver you want to use, then you don’t have to do anything. Because the newly purchased driver will immediately become the selected driver. So, you just have to go Nglayap or Pull up at Bussid, later the driver used will be the new driver.


That’s the explanation from the team regarding the procedure for buying an Indonesian Bus Simulator Driver. Above we also mention the price information of each available driver so that you can prepare the required budget.

The Bussid driver that has been purchased can then be directly used for Pulling and Laying. Meanwhile, other drivers can be used as a backup for another day or when the route passes through special fields.